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Little Martin (@martinjss_)
martinjss_15.02.2018 20:00:53


JB (@jb_the_meme_dealer)
jb_the_meme_dealer15.02.2018 20:02:47

I could watch this all day

JB (@jb_the_meme_dealer)
jb_the_meme_dealer15.02.2018 20:03:55

Check ur dms 😊

Frank (@frankjeffries)
frankjeffries15.02.2018 20:07:47

I love this

Harrison Ersbo (@harrisonersbo)
harrisonersbo15.02.2018 20:07:50

This is almost as good as the $5 dollar foot long campaign.

Predicted Table (@predic_table)
predic_table15.02.2018 20:09:32


Darren (@dlnnyc64)
dlnnyc6415.02.2018 20:34:07

I hated this irritating ad. I’m sorry.

Vinicius Moreira de Santana (@vinicius_log)
vinicius_log15.02.2018 20:42:02


Vinicius Moreira de Santana (@vinicius_log)
vinicius_log15.02.2018 20:42:16

@subwaymeme  i too

lemon boy~ (@__avengers_mak)
__avengers_mak15.02.2018 21:13:41

im eating subway right now are you proud

Vivek Kanpa (@vivek.the.first)
vivek.the.first15.02.2018 21:37:07

Subway u managed to outdo yourself once again! Loving this ad

can i just hug ryan ross (@j.the.prick)
j.the.prick15.02.2018 22:25:54

Hi is this the Krusty Crab

blazeit51015.02.2018 22:26:43

Lmao @subway  you trippin on something

Melissa (@realmelissa)
realmelissa15.02.2018 22:49:59


sandwhich why dont ask (@sandwhich_why_dont_ask)
sandwhich_why_dont_ask15.02.2018 22:58:52

Yeeeees. Gimme

Jamie Walker (@jamie.walker.353)
jamie.walker.35316.02.2018 07:37:17

Please help

Tyler Wood (@tylerwood2713)
tylerwood271316.02.2018 08:22:34

@vivek.the.first  it’s not good.

Tyler Wood (@tylerwood2713)
tylerwood271316.02.2018 08:22:54

@__avengers_mak  Not at all. Dissapointed actually.

Vivek Kanpa (@vivek.the.first)
vivek.the.first16.02.2018 08:24:37

@tylerwood2713  smh homie I'm just tryna get Subway to respond lmao

Official Subway (@subway)
subway16.02.2018 09:26:47

@frankjeffries  Aww thanks!

Official Subway (@subway)
subway16.02.2018 09:41:34

@__avengers_mak  Extremely!

Official Subway (@subway)
subway16.02.2018 10:44:50

@sandwhich_why_dont_ask  Come thru!

Tyler Wood (@tylerwood2713)
tylerwood271316.02.2018 11:19:33

@vivek.the.first  your parents miss you

Subgayyng🥗🥖 (@subgayyng)
subgayyng16.02.2018 11:27:31

we’re stealing your intro

Subgayyng🥗🥖 (@subgayyng)
subgayyng16.02.2018 11:27:37


Jovon Jones (@jovon__)
jovon__16.02.2018 11:47:49

God I love subway

Sonia (@adventurousworldlover)
adventurousworldlover16.02.2018 14:01:16

I love this commercial! Very new and refreshing! Love the slogan. Relates to a new generation. This is cool. I approve. Cool music too.

Ryan Allen Carrillo (@ryanacarrillo)
ryanacarrillo16.02.2018 15:07:36

Here is our commercial! Roller Skaters in da house 🏡 @appelusa  @candai  @crystal.alysia  @mejackiec  ⛸

Lucy Bright (@lightlightbright)
lightlightbright17.02.2018 03:26:40

@adventurousworldlover  music by Country Teasers!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Alastair Mackinven (@alastair_mackinven)
alastair_mackinven17.02.2018 03:30:23

@subway  as a member of The Country Teasers whose music you used for this ad, you made me cough up my meatball and cheese sub all over my laptop in surprise! 🤯 #countryteasers  #benwallers  #alastairmackinven  #nolimits 

ʛєɾєɱɣ (@mr.g_insta)
mr.g_insta17.02.2018 06:22:19

Lol OK little cringe

Lauren Mitchell (@xxpriv_laurenxx)
xxpriv_laurenxx17.02.2018 10:16:56

Eating a sub right now haha

Genius Pan™️ (@thegeniuspan)
thegeniuspan17.02.2018 13:57:27

Hiiiiiii check out #geniuspan 

Nathan: (@nateogline)
nateogline17.02.2018 14:58:46


jairo (@jairobol19)
jairobol1917.02.2018 18:46:39

Tele fono para pedir

Emily (@8emilyrussell)
8emilyrussell19.02.2018 15:29:48

@8ben_  should get sponsored by Subway

Meme Master (@iwzv)
iwzv19.02.2018 16:22:55

Yes, Im just gonna eat a sub sandwhich while river rafting

Official Subway (@subway)
subway19.02.2018 16:26:00

@iwzv  Listen don't knock it till ya try it

Meme Master (@iwzv)
iwzv19.02.2018 16:29:12

@subway  😂😂😂😂😂 that comment made makes me wanna buy a subway sandwhich

Official Subway (@subway)
subway19.02.2018 16:31:54

@iwzv  do it do it

Meme Master (@iwzv)
iwzv19.02.2018 16:37:58

Ok 👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯😤😤😤

Official Subway (@subway)
subway19.02.2018 16:57:30

@adventurousworldlover  AYE! Thanks for the approval 😌

Ryan Denton (@ryan_denton77)
ryan_denton7722.02.2018 12:24:39

Eat fwesh🦆😎

OVNI FOOD (@ovnisanduches)
ovnisanduches22.02.2018 15:54:18

@johan.sgl  pille

k say (@katiesayres)
katiesayres04.03.2018 06:00:17

@kay_vee88  grab life by the jalapeños

aarrieta6565 (@aarrieta6565)
aarrieta656504.03.2018 11:26:41


Valenti Lighting (@valentilighting)
valentilighting09.03.2018 19:31:35

@zane_blanchard  👏👏

lorenzo_cigarettie (@lorenzo_cigarettie)
lorenzo_cigarettie10.03.2018 02:12:24


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