Diamonds may be forever but Spicy Italian subs have our heart 💍 - Official Subway (@subway)
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Parker (@the_parker_roberts)
the_parker_roberts12.02.2018 15:29:01


Official Subway (@subway)
subway12.02.2018 15:32:58

@cassie.hettinga  I know right?! What a lucky girl 😭

rosalee. (@rosaleepj)
rosaleepj12.02.2018 15:35:33

@subway  will you be my valentine? 💓💓

Miriam D (@miriam.durante)
miriam.durante12.02.2018 15:40:14

@andre_masoch.  Amo

Official Subway (@subway)
subway12.02.2018 15:42:36

@rosaleepj  Oh yes

Helcio Luiz (@helcioluiz)
helcioluiz12.02.2018 15:47:11


Jennifer Corzo (@jennniferxx_)
jennniferxx_12.02.2018 15:55:27

@purpqueen_  pretty girl 😍 look at you! I love subways

ノア (@svpremenoah_)
svpremenoah_12.02.2018 15:57:30

This is my valentine ❤❤

Official Subway (@subway)
subway12.02.2018 16:02:12

@7even.noaahh  Same

peyton garner (@willy_p_16)
willy_p_1612.02.2018 16:03:17

I would freak too #foodoverfam 

EMI (@08_emi_01)
08_emi_0112.02.2018 16:04:12


Logan A. Walker (@realloganwalker)
realloganwalker12.02.2018 16:08:44

Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki will be my forever Valentine ❤️🌹

Official Subway (@subway)
subway12.02.2018 16:10:50

@realloganwalker  That's very romantic

Fat2fit (@fat2fit_motto)
fat2fit_motto12.02.2018 16:11:05


Logan A. Walker (@realloganwalker)
realloganwalker12.02.2018 16:11:31

@subway  So are you guys! Love youuuuu 😭❤️

rosalee. (@rosaleepj)
rosaleepj12.02.2018 16:12:24

@subway  thanks bb 💖

Kitty (@vintageantler)
vintageantler12.02.2018 16:17:04

This is the customers faces when I serve them everyday. #subwayemployee  #proud 

Phil Chudoba (@phillllllllllllllllllllllll)
phillllllllllllllllllllllll12.02.2018 16:22:01

Nails are forever too

Greg Hyatt (@filthy_gengu_main)
filthy_gengu_main12.02.2018 16:34:41

@subway  will you be my valentine?

Kyle (@ayyyyyyyyyyyeee_)
ayyyyyyyyyyyeee_12.02.2018 16:35:14

Im gonna take my girl out to subway. Since it’s always her favorite❤️ thank you @subway 

Official Subway (@subway)
subway12.02.2018 16:35:58

@ayyyyyyyyyyyeee_  Have fun!

Official Subway (@subway)
subway12.02.2018 16:36:07

@filthy_gengu_main  Yes please

Greg Hyatt (@filthy_gengu_main)
filthy_gengu_main12.02.2018 16:39:27

@subway  See you this Wednesday at 8 😘

Adriano Marrocco (@adriano_nordafrica)
adriano_nordafrica12.02.2018 16:45:30

@annaariii  Ahahahahahahahahah 💕

rosalee. (@rosaleepj)
rosaleepj12.02.2018 17:02:05

@subway  follow me back so i know its real ❣️

Alexandra Jane (@ahhlexelectric)
ahhlexelectric12.02.2018 17:03:39

I love your italian!!

Siti Arofah 아오 씨 (@arofaao)
arofaao12.02.2018 17:20:39

tuna always be my fav with honey oat bread😋

Caroline Nelson (@clnelson118)
clnelson11812.02.2018 17:22:49


Hannah (@hannahh.nicole_)
hannahh.nicole_12.02.2018 18:05:37

Subway ily💚💛

fyra (@nzafira_)
nzafira_12.02.2018 18:18:53

Spicy italian always be my fav...😍😍 😍

A.M. (@frankiexbruhhh)
frankiexbruhhh12.02.2018 18:57:43

Why buy flowers when you can give your girl a footlong

🔥💀Tha $avage Killa💀🔥 (@hevy_metal_saint)
hevy_metal_saint12.02.2018 19:12:45

@subway  my girl loves getting my footlong 😏

Nikki Marie. (@nikkimichaelson)
nikkimichaelson12.02.2018 19:23:01

Ham with Italian bread is my fave😋

Guilherme Krul (@krulg)
krulg12.02.2018 20:21:42

@kannandhanc  better than flowers

Kannandha Nunes (@kannandhanc)
kannandhanc12.02.2018 20:25:31

@krulg  so much better! 😍

Knuckey Michael (@knucksta)
knucksta12.02.2018 20:28:04


Jenna Sheridan (
wacky_doodlesn.co12.02.2018 20:36:31

That would win my heart lol

Kenny (@vizualdreamer145)
vizualdreamer14512.02.2018 20:48:03

@christinaa_noonan  😂😂😂😂

marfiinn12.02.2018 21:00:10

Indo meed subway pls. Open your branch here

Justin Fox (@hell.2.u)
hell.2.u12.02.2018 21:11:41


Maggie Chipman (@tagerine)
tagerine12.02.2018 21:27:22

@trstnandrw  u

Jesana Jhennyfer (@jesana_jhennyfer)
jesana_jhennyfer12.02.2018 21:28:05

@yanarcanjo  kk

Emily Bills Handy (@embhandy)
embhandy12.02.2018 21:37:24


.•Jessalyn•. (@heyit3jess)
heyit3jess12.02.2018 21:52:31

Oooooo I could go for a spicy Italian rnn!!!😩😩😩😩

M S B (@pressed.hispanic)
pressed.hispanic12.02.2018 22:07:37

no one gets that excited for that

Hattie Ripley (@hatzbatz)
hatzbatz12.02.2018 22:19:50

@viv_schmieds  🙏🙏

#ARKANSAS 🐗 (@derekjaltman)
derekjaltman12.02.2018 22:25:55

No offense @subway  but I've made bigger sandwiches in my sleep 🙄

its_micah__hileman12.02.2018 22:28:59

That sandwich is pretty darn small

Kate Kamenitsky (@katekam314)
katekam31412.02.2018 22:30:13

@ladyl925  @lindseykaskowitz  so true.

Draven Lee (@draven__lee)
draven__lee12.02.2018 23:36:13


andrizzzle (priv) (@thegeneralofjuly)
thegeneralofjuly12.02.2018 23:37:07

subway, you have my heart

Kristine Wagner (@wagnerrr__)
wagnerrr__12.02.2018 23:53:49

@embhandy  holy hell 😍😍😍😍

Yung Peach (@pxvchy_as_fxck)
pxvchy_as_fxck12.02.2018 23:54:23


Kenny A. (@i_am_kenny999)
i_am_kenny99913.02.2018 00:23:23

For real your sandwiches are the best and I love the pepperoni and mozzarella cheese

Kenny A. (@i_am_kenny999)
i_am_kenny99913.02.2018 00:23:34

@i_am_kenny999  shredded

hh (@salad.v)
salad.v13.02.2018 01:22:43


Chucky (@chucktailored)
chucktailored13.02.2018 01:47:02

That's the same reaction I get when I whip it out... The sub I mean.

Tamara✨ (@tamaraa_ba)
tamaraa_ba13.02.2018 03:41:38

@andi_196  😂😂

Ewan Kershaw (@beble.boble)
beble.boble13.02.2018 04:56:18

I'm going to subway today lol

“Coleman Chiu” (@coleman_chiu)
coleman_chiu13.02.2018 06:03:34


Sam Thorpe (@sam.thorpe99)
sam.thorpe9913.02.2018 06:05:04

@gnilrat  @imteaboy 

teaboy (@imteaboy)
imteaboy13.02.2018 06:05:31

@sam.thorpe99  sorry I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave

Jason Michael Martinez Foley (@jasonmart1nez)
jasonmart1nez13.02.2018 06:09:45

This niggga...

Gizem Balcı (@gizmblc)
gizmblc13.02.2018 07:28:34

@zeynpcoskn  peki ya teriyaki tavuk ha

kyle❤💰 (@superduperkyle._._)
superduperkyle._._13.02.2018 07:32:17

SUBWAY IS D BEST 🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤❤🙌🙌🙌🐢🐢🐢😍😍😘😘😘😘

Tristan Andrew (@trstnandrw)
trstnandrw13.02.2018 07:52:53

@tagerine  omg

Official Subway (@subway)
subway13.02.2018 08:35:50  See ya soon!

Official Subway (@subway)
subway13.02.2018 09:15:23

@thegeneralofjuly  Swoon

Agustin Barraza (@agustinbarrazaa416)
agustinbarrazaa41613.02.2018 09:39:45


Official Subway (@subway)
subway13.02.2018 10:06:02

@pressed.hispanic  We're pretty excited so....

M S B (@pressed.hispanic)
pressed.hispanic13.02.2018 10:07:24

@subway  lmao YOU'RE pretty excited, IM not

Official Subway (@subway)
subway13.02.2018 10:09:34

@pressed.hispanic  oh okay

Official Subway (@subway)
subway13.02.2018 10:13:52

@krulg  You know what's up

Marcus (@mbarnes007)
mbarnes00713.02.2018 10:36:28  lol don't

Marcus (@mbarnes007)
mbarnes00713.02.2018 10:36:55

@derekjaltman  ya

Marcus (@mbarnes007)
mbarnes00713.02.2018 10:37:42

@krulg  that's a lie

Marcus (@mbarnes007)
mbarnes00713.02.2018 10:38:08

@vintageantler  haha

Guilherme Krul (@krulg)
krulg13.02.2018 10:55:40

@mbarnes007  it's better, I can't eat flowers , but a spicy italian subs is like heaven!!!😍😍😍

Ewan Kershaw (@beble.boble)
beble.boble13.02.2018 11:22:07

@mbarnes007  why? Already went and enjoyed it so oh well

aleeza 🤟🏽 (@aleezzaa)
aleezzaa13.02.2018 11:26:19

sponsor @eliasaleinad 

Tyler Wood (@tylerwood2713)
tylerwood271313.02.2018 12:44:49  So oh well? Do you mean “so, oh well”?

Ethan Rawson (@itzethanjr)
itzethanjr13.02.2018 13:55:52

When she sees the d###... 

Ethan Rawson (@itzethanjr)
itzethanjr13.02.2018 13:55:53

When she sees the d###... 

Ewan Kershaw (@beble.boble)
beble.boble13.02.2018 14:06:00

@tylerwood2713  yeah but i dont need a grammar nazi on my back for not putting a comma on it

George Muller (@georgemuller)
georgemuller13.02.2018 14:50:36

Bring back the chicken chipotle melt

Tyler Wood (@tylerwood2713)
tylerwood271313.02.2018 15:57:44  I was just trying to understand. By the way you capitalize “I” and the beginning of a sentence.

Ankur (@enc0re007)
enc0re00713.02.2018 16:04:06

@georgemuller  no

George Muller (@georgemuller)
georgemuller13.02.2018 16:06:09

@enc0re007  yes

Ankur (@enc0re007)
enc0re00713.02.2018 16:13:26

@georgemuller  no don't be stupid

George Muller (@georgemuller)
georgemuller13.02.2018 16:14:16

@enc0re007  no. CCM is godlike. Bet you’re a tuna sweet corn character

Ankur (@enc0re007)
enc0re00713.02.2018 16:16:38

@georgemuller  nah subways nasty and ur and idiot for liking it

A.Alonzo🌻 (@anellaalonzo)
anellaalonzo13.02.2018 16:19:42


George Muller (@georgemuller)
georgemuller13.02.2018 16:20:57

@enc0re007  you’re*

Ewan Kershaw (@beble.boble)
beble.boble13.02.2018 16:27:45

@tylerwood2713  oh ok sorry

Ankur (@enc0re007)
enc0re00713.02.2018 16:50:34

@georgemuller  your're retarbed

Brittany Sherwood Engen (@brittanyengen)
brittanyengen13.02.2018 17:32:41

@bretmcg  lol

Chloe🖤 (@thechloeelizabeth)
thechloeelizabeth13.02.2018 23:43:51

My fav @subway 

Resplushtrap (@grayson7738)
grayson773814.02.2018 01:44:01

Yay 400 or less calories

Michelle Silver (@michelle.pngg)
michelle.pngg14.02.2018 04:58:51


Tyler Wood (@tylerwood2713)
tylerwood271314.02.2018 07:35:28  I think you mean “Oh! Ok, sorry.”

N.❤ (@nxa.12)
nxa.1214.02.2018 07:42:47

Are you actually doing buy one 6" get another free?????

Marcus (@mbarnes007)
mbarnes00714.02.2018 09:03:08  what'd you get

Hakim (@_hakim7_)
_hakim7_14.02.2018 09:07:13

Gg no re

Official Subway (@subway)
subway14.02.2018 11:53:47

@nxa.12  Unfortunately this promotion is only in the UK, but don’t get us wrong- we still love you a lot

meme stealer (@thegaminghardrive)
thegaminghardrive14.02.2018 11:55:20


Ewan Kershaw (@beble.boble)
beble.boble14.02.2018 12:09:52

@tylerwood2713  :/

Tyler Wood (@tylerwood2713)
tylerwood271314.02.2018 12:38:57  That is not part of the English language buddy

Ewan Kershaw (@beble.boble)
beble.boble14.02.2018 12:46:00

@tylerwood2713  You can stop now.

Tyler Wood (@tylerwood2713)
tylerwood271314.02.2018 12:47:38  you first

N.❤ (@nxa.12)
nxa.1214.02.2018 13:04:49

@subway  I'm from the UK so it's all good 😂

Theresa CHS (@t_styles15)
t_styles1514.02.2018 21:52:58

@tremeerconnor  ❤️❤️

Eda (@gastrogastroli)
gastrogastroli15.02.2018 06:16:17

Say YES! 😂

😎😎king😎😎 (@king_of_insta_2323)
king_of_insta_232315.02.2018 07:18:34

Guy's following me

AJ Ricard (@ajaimessr)
ajaimessr15.02.2018 08:13:08

Bro that girl is meeeeeee

Official Subway (@subway)
subway15.02.2018 09:55:32

@t_styles15  Dropping hints

Official Subway (@subway)
subway15.02.2018 09:55:38

@t_styles15  Dropping hints

Official Subway (@subway)
subway15.02.2018 10:31:04

@gastrogastroli  YES

Mark (@mark_cryan)
mark_cryan15.02.2018 13:04:21


Theresa CHS (@t_styles15)
t_styles1515.02.2018 14:15:50

@subway  girl needs her subway lol

Anthony Sivia (@anthonysivia)
anthonysivia15.02.2018 21:02:46

I just got that like an hour ago

CMS 7th 🎺 (@moorparkmichael411)
moorparkmichael41117.02.2018 20:08:07

@chadtepper  i wnaa work with you

lemon boy~ (@__avengers_mak)
__avengers_mak18.02.2018 12:37:01

marry me

Reid Johnson (@reidajohnson2)
reidajohnson218.02.2018 16:12:04

@subway  What should I get at McDonalds?

Jamie Walker (@jamie.walker.353)
jamie.walker.35319.02.2018 13:41:27

The government is messing with the clouds and DT, Putin, PC, PD, and MJ are involved in my kidnapping and the harming of me and others around me . please help. They're trying to kill me during this process that is illegal.

Aura Roberts (@purpqueen_)
purpqueen_25.02.2018 12:17:29

@subway  follow me back! 💜

Nathan Allen (@fast_flash1828)
fast_flash182827.02.2018 22:20:36

Mm I need me a sub

Official Subway (@subway)
subway28.02.2018 10:00:02

@fast_flash1828  yes you do!

Official Subway (@subway)
subway28.02.2018 10:00:05

@fast_flash1828  yes you do!

Maxine Mayfield👾 (@ofhervideogames)
ofhervideogames01.03.2018 13:21:11

I want to be proposed like this.if anyone wants to propose to me please do it like this.

nate ort (@yourfateisnate)
yourfateisnate03.03.2018 12:15:58

@courtneychampagnee  your costumers

Adolfo Ortiz (@yoshi_toshi23)
yoshi_toshi2305.03.2018 12:50:21

When your girl is only in it for the free food

lorenzo_cigarettie (@lorenzo_cigarettie)
lorenzo_cigarettie10.03.2018 02:12:34


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