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Official Subway (@subway)
subway05.02.2018 15:20:14

@rxyan23  whatever your heart desires

Memes (@bet3r.ig)
bet3r.ig05.02.2018 16:27:57

You sell cake ?

Cris Cucciuffo (@csclax)
csclax05.02.2018 19:44:50

Would not recommend, they didn’t help me with my algebra homework

Official Subway (@subway)
subway05.02.2018 19:47:01

@csclax  Mostly because we value the integrity of your education, Cris

Jaimas (@jaimasm)
jaimasm05.02.2018 20:07:09


I Do Not Use This Account (@_xxanderx_)
_xxanderx_06.02.2018 00:31:26

Does subway really sell cake now?

I Do Not Use This Account (@_xxanderx_)
_xxanderx_06.02.2018 00:32:43

Ima go to jersey mikes what should I get?

Official Subway (@subway)
subway06.02.2018 00:38:46

@_xxanderx_  Sadness on wheat

Jenn (@boos_grl)
boos_grl06.02.2018 00:59:05

@subway  Had an awful experience at one of your restaurants today. It was a waste of a gift card! Not happy at all!!!

Bi (@7huan7ran)
7huan7ran06.02.2018 07:55:26


cindhyyy06.02.2018 12:45:52

I hope subway cafe open in indonesia 😭

Official Subway (@subway)
subway06.02.2018 13:52:30

@blue.diamond.eyess  We're very sorry to hear this Jennifer. Can you please send us an email or private message on Facebook or Twitter so we can further address this? Thanks!

chrismartinstwiglet07.02.2018 19:40:05


Andrew Taylor (@andrew.m.taylor)
andrew.m.taylor08.02.2018 03:05:40

@subway  dm me I got a new sandwich idea

mi momento sos Vos 😘 (@givana333)
givana33309.02.2018 00:16:18

@emiimaii  en santiago hay uno doy fanática yo en cada vez que iba a capital me comia uno ya era el lugar favorito donde lo hacían Rico 🤗 llévame a Santiago a 

lorenzo_cigarettie (@lorenzo_cigarettie)
lorenzo_cigarettie10.03.2018 07:13:49


Knock Knock Delivery (@weknock)
weknock10.04.2018 13:25:35

Looks Awesome!!

robertmvppromoter23.07.2018 12:57:22


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