Only play tug of war if the prize is worth it 🍪 - Official Subway (@subway)
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Chapen🎇 (@ranch___breath)
ranch___breath31.01.2018 05:40:14

Jeez i love subway, always fill me up when my stomach is empty

Official Subway (@subway)
subway31.01.2018 14:13:26

@ranch___breath  Always here for you 😉

MABI (@miojodequeijo)
miojodequeijo01.02.2018 03:09:36

Queria copinho assim aqui na minha cidade

Aaliyah🌻 (@aaliyah.johnson)
aaliyah.johnson01.02.2018 03:36:45

I work at a local non-franchised Subway. A customer recently stated that at franchised Subways, the chicken bacon ranch and steak sandwiches come with extra cheese. Is this true?

Official Subway (@subway)
subway01.02.2018 15:06:59

@aaliyah.johnson  Hey! All of our locations are individually owned and operated by franchisees, and our recommended amount of cheese is doubled for these sandwiches! However, it is under the discretion of that specific shop's management.

Official Subway (@subway)
subway01.02.2018 15:20:12

@aaliyah.johnson  No problem!

Mat Pat (@stimpak_for_you)
stimpak_for_you01.02.2018 18:22:08

Tell me why the only niqqas that own subways are Indian.

eviifauziaah02.02.2018 09:49:49

Hai, why dont you try to have some franchises in Indonesia? People would love too. ❤

monicakostrzewa (@monicakostrzewa)
monicakostrzewa03.02.2018 22:53:08

@leielasmar  I need a supply of free subway for a week since I’m there everyday

Georgia (@georgia_mckay5)
georgia_mckay506.02.2018 08:27:57

I get like a subway every single day at school and it’s delicious x

Leticia (@leticia_marie87)
leticia_marie8709.02.2018 06:02:27

Ff back

Ahrad Nathan (@ogahrad)
ogahrad10.02.2018 00:37:31

@therachelfenton  anotha one

Shuler (@_shuler_21)
_shuler_2110.02.2018 00:53:21

I just got subway

Denya Clement (@atropicalbliss)
atropicalbliss10.02.2018 23:41:07


Maria Bagandi (@maria.bagandi)
maria.bagandi15.02.2018 15:59:51

@ilonabagandi  @gabi_bagandi  heute ja oder Nein?🤔

lorenzo_cigarettie (@lorenzo_cigarettie)
lorenzo_cigarettie10.03.2018 07:14:09


Knock Knock Delivery (@weknock)
weknock10.04.2018 19:11:59

Looks Awesome!!

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