Only play tug of war if the prize is worth it 🍪 - Official Subway (@subway)
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Pr!t (@_pritdixit7)
_pritdixit725.01.2018 12:03:08

Cookie is as sweet as subway restaurant is😍

A Subway Series of Pics–ASSOP (@asubwayseriesofpics)
asubwayseriesofpics25.01.2018 12:04:31

You bet!

Surrey (@charleshennessy_)
charleshennessy_25.01.2018 12:09:00

I found something strange in my sub @subway  I can dm photo

Ben Rae (@ben.rae.14)
ben.rae.1425.01.2018 12:10:49

Wow fourth comment also I don’t play tug of war for your cookies

Ben Rae (@ben.rae.14)
ben.rae.1425.01.2018 12:11:23

I hide them under my butt until my family is stuffed and can’t eat another bite then enjoy them all for myself

Ben Rae (@ben.rae.14)
ben.rae.1425.01.2018 12:12:18

@charleshennessy_  was it deliciousness

subway (@subwaymeme)
subwaymeme25.01.2018 12:13:42

@subwaymeme  and I love subway 😍😍

16 år (@sebbe_civill)
sebbe_civill25.01.2018 12:14:17

The dream 😍

Surrey (@charleshennessy_)
charleshennessy_25.01.2018 12:15:48

@ben.rae.14  ofc

Official Subway (@subway)
subway25.01.2018 12:16:27

@charleshennessy_  Yes!

Subgayyng🥗🥖 (@subgayyng)
subgayyng25.01.2018 12:27:48

We love subway!!!!!!!!

Subgayyng🥗🥖 (@subgayyng)
subgayyng25.01.2018 12:27:54

best place ever!!!!!

Genius Pan™️ (@thegeniuspan)
thegeniuspan25.01.2018 12:34:16

#geniuspan  CHECK US OUT!!!!!

Genius Pan™️ (@thegeniuspan)
thegeniuspan25.01.2018 12:34:49

Revolutionizing sixth pans!!! #geniuspan 

Timothy The Mud Hippo (@timothy_the_mud_hippo)
timothy_the_mud_hippo25.01.2018 12:34:52

Yeahhh I luv those cookies

Official Subway (@subway)
subway25.01.2018 12:40:35

@timothy_the_mud_hippo  They're real good

Timothy The Mud Hippo (@timothy_the_mud_hippo)
timothy_the_mud_hippo25.01.2018 12:45:52

@subway  Yesterday I had a rainbow gem cookie and it was delicious it's my favourite

Adolfo Barros (@barrosadolfo)
barrosadolfo25.01.2018 12:54:37

Hola muy buenas tardes,es un placer saludarle, Nos gustaría trabajar con usted, en que podemos servirles? @subway  @subwaybquilla 

Ioana Shires (@ioanashires)
ioanashires25.01.2018 12:56:50

Love subway food and cookies 🍪 but pls bring back the avocado 🥑 I love this in my sandwich or salad 🥗

a.mandair (@a.mandair)
a.mandair25.01.2018 13:43:38

@nicooribello  caption

Janix Fox (@janixfox)
janixfox25.01.2018 13:46:58

SUBWAY Your Killing It !

Janix Fox (@janixfox)
janixfox25.01.2018 13:47:01


r u avin a giggle ther m8? (@yeppidoodles)
yeppidoodles25.01.2018 14:10:05


Trinity💞 (@tintin151515)
tintin15151525.01.2018 14:27:25

@alvina_044  vi ska äta

Ankur (@enc0re007)
enc0re00725.01.2018 14:35:36

@erickgorgeous  not really

Ankur (@enc0re007)
enc0re00725.01.2018 14:35:46

@ioanashires  no

Sawyer Pendleton (@sawyerpendleton_)
sawyerpendleton_25.01.2018 14:39:32

Subway cookies are the best things to ever be created!!

Lidines Barros (@lidinesbarros)
lidinesbarros25.01.2018 14:42:02

Delícia 😍😍

Callie Boyde (@callieboyde_20)
callieboyde_2025.01.2018 14:45:59

@colton_wes  oatmeal raisin

Jesus cure (@jacg_93)
jacg_9325.01.2018 14:46:19

I love my work♥️

colton boyde (@colton_wes)
colton_wes25.01.2018 14:51:43

Best kind

Instant Financial (@beinginstant)
beinginstant25.01.2018 14:51:52

Eat fresh!

Jackson⚽⚽❤😈👻 (@the_yxng._legend)
the_yxng._legend25.01.2018 15:05:27

Mmm yum

Antoine Léveillé (@antoine20004)
antoine2000425.01.2018 15:31:25

I love your cookies ❤️🍪❤️

Aodhan King (@aodhan.k)
aodhan.k25.01.2018 17:44:33

Your cookies are Jesus

Sarahblackburn (@its_sarah_it__girl)
its_sarah_it__girl25.01.2018 18:59:58

I'm come to you now subway

hh (@salad.v)
salad.v25.01.2018 19:20:25


Nikki Marie. (@nikkimichaelson)
nikkimichaelson25.01.2018 20:39:36


taylor (@the.true.taylor)
the.true.taylor25.01.2018 20:45:13


aseen.hk25.01.2018 21:58:28


Rizwana Ashfaq, d.c. (@rizwana.ashfaq)
rizwana.ashfaq26.01.2018 04:55:13

I like veggie patty sandwitch, kettlecorn chips, and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.

Christina Schleider O'Brien (@christinaschleiderobrien)
christinaschleiderobrien26.01.2018 09:10:06

Very disappointed with Subway. I filed a complaint with you all about one of your employees asking if I wanted to get shot because she was unhappy about being at work. I was emailed saying I would be receiving a email from someone within two days and it had been two weeks with nothing. I would think such a large corporation would take the safety of their customers more of a priority.

Official Subway (@subway)
subway26.01.2018 09:12:16

@christinaschleiderobrien  We're very disappointed to hear this Christina. Can you please private message us so that we can look into this?


I post the same picture of squidward everyday

Echo Gecko (@austin_tom_harris)
austin_tom_harris26.01.2018 20:33:31

Ya I had subway for lunch today.💛💚

Spenser Flavin (@spenserflavin)
spenserflavin26.01.2018 21:54:20

Iss frisch!!!

Gabriel Costa (@biell_silv)
biell_silv26.01.2018 22:17:11

Quero um copo desses 🍔❤️

Sumthin LIKE Closed Circuit TV (@thefitgurutv)
thefitgurutv26.01.2018 22:51:16

Holy sweet teriyaki‼️

adams bright (@ultimate_fixed_2348063516465)
ultimate_fixed_234806351646527.01.2018 02:55:31

DM 4 ur daily Fixed matches

Alaa Salah (@alaabinsalah)
alaabinsalah27.01.2018 09:30:23

@yasireylaf  My fav. restraunt! 🍃💕

Alaa Salah (@alaabinsalah)
alaabinsalah27.01.2018 09:31:02

@yasireylaf  عايني للسندوتشات الوراء 🐥💔

James (@_the.james._)
_the.james._27.01.2018 13:27:06

Lovw your food

James (@_the.james._)
_the.james._27.01.2018 13:27:10


Tierra🦄 (@tierratheintrovert)
tierratheintrovert27.01.2018 18:03:25

Check out my YouTube channel! Link in my bio!

Jennifer Waits (@jskyieeyes)
jskyieeyes28.01.2018 01:35:02

@ioanashires  avocado is coming back soon! 😉

tejas modi 😎 (@tejas_modi_24_riscky)
tejas_modi_24_riscky28.01.2018 08:23:58

Cokkies 😋😋❤❤

24/7 Restaurant Parts (@247parts)
247parts28.01.2018 13:41:45

<<Turbochef OEM parts..#keeptoasting 

Pef Fogões E Aquecedores (@eaquecedores)
eaquecedores29.01.2018 07:15:39

@subway  Fazemos limpeza de coifa e conserto ligue pra nós

Nicholas Vizquel (@nico_zeromusic)
nico_zeromusic29.01.2018 18:48:27


Official Subway (@subway)
subway29.01.2018 18:49:29

@nicovizquel  NICHOLASSSSSS

Nicholas Vizquel (@nico_zeromusic)
nico_zeromusic29.01.2018 18:51:06

@subway  omg I’m about to show everyone this 😦

Official Subway (@subway)
subway29.01.2018 18:53:13

@nicovizquel  Do it do it do it!

Nicholas Vizquel (@nico_zeromusic)
nico_zeromusic29.01.2018 18:53:51

@subway  🙌🏼🦑

Official Subway (@subway)
subway29.01.2018 18:54:59

@nicovizquel  😎👉

Kristyan Lewis (@kris_jf)
kris_jf29.01.2018 18:59:30

Don’t y’all sell cake ??

Official Subway (@subway)
subway29.01.2018 19:00:53

@kris_jf  Who said?!

Toby Scarlett (@t0by52)
t0by5229.01.2018 20:20:00

Man @subway  your making me hungry

peluzo💕 (@unbloger)
unbloger29.01.2018 21:00:28

Where can I see the locations with gluten free bread?

™️||Vanitee (@iam_mztee)
iam_mztee29.01.2018 23:59:00

Please check your messages I don’t wanna go viral with how I was treated at your location !!!!

Ayodele Oluwaseun Bash (@sexydamilicious)
sexydamilicious30.01.2018 09:37:05

Come and open a branch here in Nigeria 🇳🇬.....have missed all this yummy 😋 snacks I can be your supervisor @subway 

Tyler Wood (@tylerwood2713)
tylerwood271330.01.2018 11:00:19

@_the.james._  it’s not actually food

Tyler Wood (@tylerwood2713)
tylerwood271330.01.2018 11:00:36

@aodhan.k  no they are cookies.

Tyler Wood (@tylerwood2713)
tylerwood271330.01.2018 11:00:57

@its_sarah_it__girl  That is not english. Sorry

Tyler Wood (@tylerwood2713)
tylerwood271330.01.2018 11:01:33

@austin_tom_harris  From all us subway employees, we don’t care

Lil Hazerd Damian (D-Unity) (@lilhazerd)
lilhazerd30.01.2018 14:22:47

Is their chicken still 50% chicken?? Haven’t eaten their since the whole incident..

lex🥀 (@alexxa.kellie)
alexxa.kellie30.01.2018 15:18:13


Dan Koohns (@dan_koohns)
dan_koohns30.01.2018 20:33:06

@gangsterpopeye  💦

Marcus (@mbarnes007)
mbarnes00730.01.2018 22:17:26

@sexydamilicious  where is the diamond

Marcus (@mbarnes007)
mbarnes00730.01.2018 22:17:34

@lilhazerd  what incident

Marcus (@mbarnes007)
mbarnes00730.01.2018 22:17:47

@dan_koohns  💦💦💦💦👌

Marcus (@mbarnes007)
mbarnes00730.01.2018 22:17:58

@unbloger  just eat gluten

Marcus (@mbarnes007)
mbarnes00730.01.2018 22:18:07

@iam_mztee  what happened

Marcus (@mbarnes007)
mbarnes00730.01.2018 22:19:08

@nicovizquel  DIIIIIAAAAAAA @joe.consorti 

Marcus (@mbarnes007)
mbarnes00730.01.2018 22:19:20

@tierratheintrovert  EZ10

Marcus (@mbarnes007)
mbarnes00730.01.2018 22:19:31

@_the.james._  it's called protein

Marcus (@mbarnes007)
mbarnes00730.01.2018 22:19:38

@alaabinsalah  على كيفه على كيفه على كيفه

Marcus (@mbarnes007)
mbarnes00730.01.2018 22:20:31

@rizwana.ashfaq  Congrats

Joe Consorti (@joe.consorti)
joe.consorti30.01.2018 22:20:44

@mbarnes007  did you get hacked

Marcus (@mbarnes007)
mbarnes00730.01.2018 22:21:00

@beinginstant  Eat Some where else!

Marcus (@mbarnes007)
mbarnes00730.01.2018 22:21:21

@colton_wes  you must be rebarted

Marcus (@mbarnes007)
mbarnes00730.01.2018 22:21:53

@timothy_the_mud_hippo  i nutted yesterday it was almost as good as cookie

Marcus (@mbarnes007)
mbarnes00730.01.2018 22:22:22

@ben.rae.14  Nibba get help

Marcus (@mbarnes007)
mbarnes00730.01.2018 22:23:13

@_pritdixit7  🍪 🍪 🍪 mhmmmmm yes i luv deh coookey mhm yes sir tasty

Marcus (@mbarnes007)
mbarnes00730.01.2018 22:26:37

@joe.consorti  🍪

Timothy The Mud Hippo (@timothy_the_mud_hippo)
timothy_the_mud_hippo30.01.2018 22:31:14

@mbarnes007  😂

Chapen🎇 (@ranch___breath)
ranch___breath31.01.2018 00:40:14

Jeez i love subway, always fill me up when my stomach is empty

Official Subway (@subway)
subway31.01.2018 09:13:26

@ranch___breath  Always here for you 😉

colton boyde (@colton_wes)
colton_wes31.01.2018 13:01:25


MABI (@miojodequeijo)
miojodequeijo31.01.2018 22:09:36

Queria copinho assim aqui na minha cidade

aaliyah😛 (@aaliyah.johnson)
aaliyah.johnson31.01.2018 22:36:45

I work at a local non-franchised Subway. A customer recently stated that at franchised Subways, the chicken bacon ranch and steak sandwiches come with extra cheese. Is this true?

Official Subway (@subway)
subway01.02.2018 10:06:59

@aaliyah.johnson  Hey! All of our locations are individually owned and operated by franchisees, and our recommended amount of cheese is doubled for these sandwiches! However, it is under the discretion of that specific shop's management.

aaliyah😛 (@aaliyah.johnson)
aaliyah.johnson01.02.2018 10:18:46

@subway  thanks so much!

Official Subway (@subway)
subway01.02.2018 10:20:12

@aaliyah.johnson  No problem!

🙃🙁sewer side🙁🙃 (@stimpak_for_you)
stimpak_for_you01.02.2018 13:22:08

Tell me why the only niqqas that own subways are Indian.

Marcus (@mbarnes007)
mbarnes00701.02.2018 17:20:12

@ranch___breath  I can fill you up nice

Chapen🎇 (@ranch___breath)
ranch___breath01.02.2018 17:23:14

@mbarnes007  bet lmao

eviifauziaah02.02.2018 04:49:49

Hai, why dont you try to have some franchises in Indonesia? People would love too. ❤

monicakostrzewa (@monicakostrzewa)
monicakostrzewa03.02.2018 17:53:08

@leielasmar  I need a supply of free subway for a week since I’m there everyday

Georgia (@georgia_mckay5)
georgia_mckay506.02.2018 03:27:57

I get like a subway every single day at school and it’s delicious x

Helenm97 (@helenmorgan4u)
helenmorgan4u09.02.2018 01:02:27

Ff back

Ahrad Nathan (@ogahrad)
ogahrad09.02.2018 19:37:31

@therachelfenton  anotha one

cailey alexis shuler (@_shuler_21)
_shuler_2109.02.2018 19:53:21

I just got subway

cailey alexis shuler (@_shuler_21)
_shuler_2109.02.2018 19:53:53

@hamood_must_sleep  no there not

Eylaf Yasir (@yasireylaf)
yasireylaf10.02.2018 04:38:06

@alaabinsalah  delecious😋

Eylaf Yasir (@yasireylaf)
yasireylaf10.02.2018 04:38:28

@alaabinsalah  😍😍

Denya Clement (@atropicalbliss)
atropicalbliss10.02.2018 18:41:07


Maria Bagandi (@maria.bagandi)
maria.bagandi15.02.2018 10:59:51

@ilonabagandi  @gabi_bagandi  heute ja oder Nein?🤔

lorenzo_cigarettie (@lorenzo_cigarettie)
lorenzo_cigarettie10.03.2018 02:14:09


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