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Deskit Angmo (@deskit.angmo)
deskit.angmo12.09.2019 05:54:29

Wonder if they get dizzy 🤔

The Lazy Donkey (@thelazy_donkey)
thelazy_donkey12.09.2019 05:57:41


Shruti (@life_in_drama_school)
life_in_drama_school12.09.2019 06:08:35

Who illustrates these?

sacredeastwind (@sacredeastwind)
sacredeastwind12.09.2019 06:34:03

Want to go Khuyusing with me?

Shantnu Arya (@shantnuarya)
shantnuarya12.09.2019 06:43:28


Saravana Kumar (@indiainmotion)
indiainmotion12.09.2019 08:11:21

Sad to see that these practices are disappearing all over Ladakh

Yultak Ladakh (@yultakladakh)
yultakladakh12.09.2019 10:55:24

Halabaldur in action. Where's the middle pole🤔

Kyle Finley (@finley_visual_arts)
finley_visual_arts13.09.2019 00:11:35

Beautiful artwork as always!

Fatima (@parveen_fatimah)
parveen_fatimah14.09.2019 06:13:28

Love the illustrations ❤️

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