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Tammy Cooper (@tammy_cooperstovall47)
tammy_cooperstovall4713.06.2019 03:25:44

I’m from the Lou, and I’m proud!!!!

Alexis Muckerman (@alexismuckerman)
alexismuckerman13.06.2019 03:25:42

YES! LET'S GO BLUES! My entire neighborhood is outside screaming and lighting off fireworks

Mister St. Louis (@bigronyadig)
bigronyadig13.06.2019 03:26:33

Right on Snoop!!!!!!! Home of Champions . Let’s go ST. LOUIS!!!!!!

Tyler Dale (@tylerdalemusic)
tylerdalemusic13.06.2019 03:23:39

I’m from the Lou and I’m proud!!

Evan Montgomery (@m_o_n_t_y000)
m_o_n_t_y00013.06.2019 03:26:35

I’m a Bruins fan but I will admit the Blues played a hell of a game. GG

PowerFull (@powerfull_h)
powerfull_h13.06.2019 03:26:57

I guess they won, Congrats, they worked real hard over the years, they were in the playoff every year for a minute now they won the Stanley Cup. Y'all did it

Scott Quigley (@quigley14)
quigley1413.06.2019 03:28:17

Thanks for the shout out Snoop A Loop! -STL

thetwozs2💋 (@thetwozs2)
thetwozs213.06.2019 03:28:38

Stanley meet Gloria! Stl baby!!!

ayomfbitchassnigg13.06.2019 03:29:04

Literally dont give a fuck

Tamika Canada-Cole (@starsearch_6)
starsearch_613.06.2019 03:28:41


~.Israel Cornejo.~ (@israelcornej0._)
israelcornej0._13.06.2019 03:28:07


✵ ℬᎯᶄιℓι 403 ✵ (@bakili_403)
bakili_40313.06.2019 07:28:54


Snoop Army (@snoop_army)
snoop_army13.06.2019 04:01:41


kameron lewis (@the_king_of_kam)
the_king_of_kam13.06.2019 03:45:21

Born and raised

🌻 (@vibewithyadira)
vibewithyadira13.06.2019 03:43:23

You already know we lit here in STL!!!!

Leonardo Drew (@drewstadler11)
drewstadler1113.06.2019 03:36:51

Thats right snoop love the support for this city and the Lou loves you dogg

Ebony (@ms_nu)
ms_nu13.06.2019 03:23:21


Alexander Fan (@alex_fan_19846431)
alex_fan_1984643113.06.2019 07:24:54

The Kings will win next season.

kelly smith (@kmsmith060504)
kmsmith06050413.06.2019 03:25:45


Kian Littlechild (@kianlittlechild)
kianlittlechild13.06.2019 03:23:01


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