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Kayleigh ⚔️official (@kayleigh_swenson)
kayleigh_swenson13.06.2019 03:52:48


🐤@CantExpectThis (@the_originalword)
the_originalword13.06.2019 03:25:50

This nigga gotta Crip controller

Demetrius (@demetriusjackson69)
demetriusjackson6913.06.2019 03:25:39

Xbox > Ps4

Disabled At 1K (@edgysnow.v2)
edgysnow.v213.06.2019 03:26:24

My nigga snoop betrayed us

Bryce (@_kvng.bryce_)
_kvng.bryce_13.06.2019 03:23:06

Xbox Gang wya

Affan Hamid 🍡 (@affan.ah909)
affan.ah90913.06.2019 03:23:45

fuk xbox, snoop what is u doing

Matthew Lavallee (@matthew.vhs)
matthew.vhs13.06.2019 03:25:57

Use me as a “you just lost a follower” button. Jpjp

alex__serranoo13.06.2019 03:26:14

Snoop knows wassup , blue controller too 👌🏽

L U I S  R I O S 69 (@luisrios4real)
luisrios4real13.06.2019 03:25:09

Get off of that shit NOW GO ON PS4

CJ-MrFootLong(👑SiegeOfHouston) (@cortneycjjones)
cortneycjjones13.06.2019 03:23:30

PlayStation Better 🤷🏾‍♂️💯

briZelda (@2bangin4u)
2bangin4u13.06.2019 03:24:33


shwaaveyyy13.06.2019 03:32:01

Xbox way better than PS4

Deywuin Reyes (@yung_dey21)
yung_dey2113.06.2019 03:26:24

Damn where that PS4 unc

Ryan Skeates (@urbaneskimo)
urbaneskimo13.06.2019 03:28:18

Snoop, no one plays Xbox anymore. You have the scratch, go buy a PlayStation

Demetrius (@demetriusjackson69)
demetriusjackson6913.06.2019 03:23:56

Thankyou, Snoop!

Edwin🔞 (@mvg3n)
mvg3n13.06.2019 03:26:19


Jü$tïń (@xxjcashinxx)
xxjcashinxx13.06.2019 03:23:52


🇻🇪𝒱𝑒𝓃𝑒𝓏❤️𝓁𝒶𝓃𝒶🇻🇪 (@rinu_girl)
rinu_girl13.06.2019 03:23:53

Never too old to be playing video games😂🔥

Joshua (@joshua11155)
joshua1115513.06.2019 03:37:55


Angelo Flores (@daddy.angelo_)
daddy.angelo_13.06.2019 04:54:14

Nah play ps4 Xbox is gay

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