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King Of Long Beach (@marcosus)
marcosus13.06.2019 00:13:56

Maury should Adopt her by Now🤷🏽‍♂️🤣

King Of Long Beach (@marcosus)
marcosus13.06.2019 00:13:40

You are NOT the father🤷🏽‍♂️🤣

Kayleigh ⚔️official (@kayleigh_swenson)
kayleigh_swenson13.06.2019 03:54:33

Omg 😂

Nick Gonzaga (@theinstagonz)
theinstagonz13.06.2019 00:15:11

That baby look like Stanley from the Office

iluvsmooth13.06.2019 00:18:41

She’s 1000% sure for the 8th time!! 😂

Tommy Pura vida (@tbradwell0609)
tbradwell060913.06.2019 00:21:00

Tell your mama to cut that shit out. Maury don’t got time for this shit again. 🤣🤣🤣

Leticia Cosey (@coseyenterprises)
coseyenterprises13.06.2019 00:13:35

🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 Aww Lawd... poor baby🤣🤣🤣🤣

I Got The Juice (@bossplayerj)
bossplayerj13.06.2019 00:15:58

You are the father🤣 fuuuukkkkkkk😭😭😭

Teresa Teresa (@tere9346)
tere934613.06.2019 00:38:46

Why put the baby's picture up for mistakes you made why her picture got to be shown all over the place put yours up.

Hussein Ali (@hussein_beats)
hussein_beats13.06.2019 00:14:18

Hey guys I am a 14 year old producer from Asia 🌍 really workin hard doin it all on my own. It would mean the world to me if u can like my comment so more ppl could notice it, check out my music I hope u like it Thank you and God bless🙏🏽🖤😂😂

Will Vu (@wheresdad)
wheresdad13.06.2019 00:22:16

So I met Maury.. ahgain. And my momma tried to find my daddy.. ahgain.

The Mrs. (@from_the_mrs_)
from_the_mrs_13.06.2019 00:20:11

Baby making interview appointments... LOL

I Got The Juice (@bossplayerj)
bossplayerj13.06.2019 00:13:39


Patrick Pinson (@patrickpinson681)
patrickpinson68113.06.2019 02:44:13

That shit is a stereotype. Doesn’t look good for African Americans who know and love there kids. I want 2002 snoop back humble and present. COME On MAN.

Im Still The Chef (@gdotperiod)
gdotperiod13.06.2019 00:15:56

Maybe I’m just bipolar

Laura LaReinadelsur (@lauralareinadelsur)
lauralareinadelsur13.06.2019 00:29:03

Awww, not funny snoop😭

Dont stress grind 4 a check🖕💯💸 (@dude_low)
dude_low13.06.2019 00:15:31

Can I get sum likes?

Anthony Manley (@anthony.manley.505)
anthony.manley.50513.06.2019 00:37:01

I bet she the spitting image of her mom......js ......

Judy (@dorothyzbornak31)
dorothyzbornak3113.06.2019 00:14:43

@sambinaleigh  When it comes to 8 month old, Starkesha.....Ta’Quawn, you are NOT the father!!

_vicious__venom_13.06.2019 01:15:13

@karishma_b  they come straight out the womb nowadays looking just like dis here. #Disgruntled  🤣😩

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