Happy birthday to my god daughter!! We love you so much drama MAWMA! #bestfriends #minimes - Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi (@snooki)
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Tami Wood (@oseagirl)
oseagirl18.07.2018 01:43:53

That's right, 1 race, the human race! Love everyone!

Mother Before Anything 🤞🏽❤️ (@bryannamariee0327)
bryannamariee032718.07.2018 02:13:36

😍😍 Happy Belated Birthday Beautiful Girl 😍

Lauren Elizabeth (@lauren.elizabeth720)
lauren.elizabeth72018.07.2018 03:08:41

How is this even possible! 😭 I love me some Snooki and Jwoww! You girls are blessed to have such beautiful baby girls (and boys)! Keep being awesome people and mothers and never let negative remarks bother you!

Remembering Xxxtentacion (@x.remembering)
x.remembering18.07.2018 19:08:53

@snooki  I love you so much 😭💖

Jenice Marie (@iamjenicemarie)
iamjenicemarie19.07.2018 01:50:23

Beautiful cake

Riwan Islam (@riwanislam)
riwanislam19.07.2018 04:43:04

Happy birthday kids👏👏👏👏👏

naythisway19.07.2018 21:46:54

See I love that you guys remained family 💕💕💕

Erica (@erican1086)
erican108620.07.2018 16:41:24

Y'alls little girls look just like y'all.

Steve A Calder (@leap4229)
leap422921.07.2018 22:18:09


Daniela Spadafora Rizzo (@spadaforarizzo)
spadaforarizzo23.07.2018 22:47:32

buon compleanno bellissima bimba complimenti 😘

keamarie ~ (@_kquin)
_kquin26.07.2018 01:59:38

I absolutely love your feed ❤️ You're family is beautiful

#MonikPapadop🦋 (@monik_papadop26)
monik_papadop2627.07.2018 16:53:18

Don’t pay attention to those ignorant and stupid people out there. Your babies are gorgeous ❤️

Diana 👩🏽‍⚕️ (@dianahayze)
dianahayze28.07.2018 04:39:40


muhammdgüray (@muhammedguraycom0911)
muhammedguraycom091105.08.2018 23:02:07

nerdeyotiınız lan

sdpv406.08.2018 05:33:02

Didn’t know you had Chilean roots, awesome! & people & their assumptions are just sad but might as well laugh at them. People are nuts lol

Irwansyah A.F (@waannaf)
waannaf08.08.2018 08:21:48

🎈 Happy Birthday! 🔥 🔥 🔥 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟

Karla Lotus Gattling (@karlalotusgattling1)
karlalotusgattling123.08.2018 00:28:01

Happy Birthday!🎂🎉

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