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Shea Luna Snow (@ms_sheasnow)
ms_sheasnow28.07.2018 14:55:39

@snooki  you’re adorable! Your mini is a cutie

monica (@candikiss108)
candikiss10803.08.2018 04:04:04

You look fkn gorgeous w out makeup!!!!

Heidi Lamb (@heidilamb)
heidilamb04.08.2018 06:19:13

You are both so beautiful!

Keri Rivera (@keri_shawn)
keri_shawn05.08.2018 22:39:48

Two natural beauties!!

muhammdgüray (@muhammedguraycom0911)
muhammedguraycom091105.08.2018 22:59:45


muhammdgüray (@muhammedguraycom0911)
muhammedguraycom091105.08.2018 23:00:12

hayırlı olsun

muhammdgüray (@muhammedguraycom0911)
muhammedguraycom091105.08.2018 23:00:25


Stevi Hodges (@stevii)
stevii06.08.2018 19:39:35


Emily (@emilyelizabeth.thebigreddog)
emilyelizabeth.thebigreddog07.08.2018 14:48:37

Why why did you get that jaw line done.. You had a pretty round face. I know cause I have a round face too. And I always wanted a jaw line.. But that thing aged you. No sleep drinking drugs and face surgery? You look old 👵

Nicole Brown (@brown087)
brown08707.08.2018 19:08:20

Beautiful with no makeup! ❤️ @snooki 

Tonia Sultana (@toniasultana)
toniasultana08.08.2018 03:04:09

@snooki  you look beautiful and your daughter is your twin! Not everyone can look like this WITH makeup let alone without. #youdoyou  #letthehatershate 

Stewart J Holcomb Jr (@stewjholcjr)
stewjholcjr11.08.2018 02:54:38

you look beautiful Nicole with ur daughter even with no makeup ur very beautiful!!!

Ashley Taylor (@ashleytaylor.22)
ashleytaylor.2211.08.2018 21:51:01

Now that is beautiful

DZNRFLO (@rflores_dznrflo)
rflores_dznrflo12.08.2018 04:21:10

Also Reese never changed her face as many times as you have. All the guys makes fun of you why are you surprised when your fans do? And why do you only reply to the mean comments? No love for people who actually like you.

Carisa Lynch (@cjlynchy)
cjlynchy12.08.2018 22:58:25

Sooo pretty w no makeup ❤🤗

Who nos (@kimbrle1488)
kimbrle148817.08.2018 03:38:31

Your face is frozen from all the fillers and sugery lol

Who nos (@kimbrle1488)
kimbrle148817.08.2018 03:41:36

I find it hysterical people actually comment and tell this girl to ignore the haters and how good she looks like shes gonna read this!! 😂

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