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Finally had the opportunity to edit this amazing photo from @tylersjourney today
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Finally had the opportunity to edit this amazing photo from @tylersjourney today! I’m a bit late announcing this, but I’ve teamed up with 16 of the greatest cyberpunk/outrun photographers on Instagram and 7 feature accounts to bring you the #CyberCitiesFFA editing contest! This contest is your chance to be featured on several major cyberpunk/outrun accounts with a total audience of over 1 million people. Here are the rules: -- 1) Follow all feature accounts and photographers participating in the competition. This will be thoroughly checked. Feel free to submit as many edits as you like for a greater chance to be featured. -- @cybervibe@weekly_feature@night.sh00terz@ig.tones@ig_neoncities@visual.slayers@bigworld_shotz -- -- 2) Download the RAW/DNG or JPEG files from the link in any of the account’s bios. (JPG included for mobile editors) 3) Tag at least three friends you think would have fun taking part in this FFA in the comments below. 4) Edit as many images as you wish and upload to your feed using the hashtag #CyberCitiesFFA and credit the photographer in your description. (Photographers’ accounts and cities are noted on the file names) -- Winners will be judged on creativity! One winner will be selected by each photographer and posted to every account in a multi-post style. The contest will run for ~3 weeks ending on October 8th, 2018 at 11:59pm PST. The winners will be announced ~1 week after closing. All images remain the property of the original photographers and can only be used for the #CyberCitiesFFA contest. Thank you for participating and good luck winning this contest!
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