Daniela, egresada nuestra de la @fpiesdescalzos, en la @NASA! Elegida para participar como ponente por América Latina. Súper orgullosa de ti Daniela!! - Shakira (@shakira)
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K A R E N  K U R I️️️ (@karen.kuri)
karen.kuri10.08.2019 06:05:30


Tati (@tatiselfish)
tatiselfish10.08.2019 15:01:36

Beautiful. Hopefully other artists follow your example and if they can't or don't know how I hope they can join you in such a great cause. These projects require a lot of money and we all know that you " our beautiful Shakira " cannot do it alone. Please start a new campaign where you start reaching out to more artist so they can be part with their bank accounts of "pies descalzos " @shakira 

gitifanaei (@gitifanaei)
gitifanaei10.08.2019 17:40:14

Imam sadegh: Teh sun star in the fourth sky saturn belongs to the seventh sky.

SOS Vaidosa (@sos_vaidosa)
sos_vaidosa10.08.2019 17:49:03


gitifanaei (@gitifanaei)
gitifanaei11.08.2019 18:17:27

The universe is a great human bing and man is a small universe human internal forward bckward upward the sun star in the fourth sky saturn belongs to the seventh sky .

Nayan Mukherjee (@nayan_mukherje)
nayan_mukherje13.08.2019 06:12:40

Look so cute 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Hector David Hernandez B (@hectordavidhernandezb)
hectordavidhernandezb13.08.2019 19:17:27

Wao asi es que Dios quiere q vista shaquira a eso me refiero waooo Dios mio asi viste una verdadera hija de Dios

meysam (@me_ysam7346)
me_ysam734614.08.2019 11:55:33

inner motion

meysam (@me_ysam7346)
me_ysam734614.08.2019 12:00:23

inner motion forward upward.

Sebastian Torres (@sebastiantorres95)
sebastiantorres9515.08.2019 16:32:29

Te haz ganado un pedazito de cielo

marcheline_a15.08.2019 23:12:25


Nada Savic (@savic7448)
savic744819.08.2019 05:44:27


Vippicnic Barcelona 🍃 (@vip.picnic)
vip.picnic20.08.2019 09:48:53


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