My sweet soul sister. Julia you have been a huge part of my life. You have taught me how to have courage when I have self doubt. This song is extremel - Selena Gomez (@selenagomez)
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Julia Michaels (@juliamichaels)
juliamichaels24.01.2019 18:13:50

😭 You have such a huge piece of my heart. I am so proud we get to do this together. I Love you ALWAYS!!!

djsnake (@djsnake)
djsnake24.01.2019 18:32:01


CONZ (@connarfranklin)
connarfranklin24.01.2019 19:05:38

this song is my fav

Ashley Tisdale (@ashleytisdale)
ashleytisdale24.01.2019 18:19:20


Ryan Garcia (@kingryang)
kingryang24.01.2019 18:13:34

God you’re sooo pretty

KATHERINE LANGFORD (@katherinelangford)
katherinelangford24.01.2019 20:57:16

Both of you 💖💖

DANI💋💛 (@daniellecohn)
daniellecohn24.01.2019 18:15:34

Awww so sweet❤️

Theresa Marie Mingus (@tmarie247)
tmarie24724.01.2019 22:37:58

LOVE YOU GUYS! @juliamichaels 

OPI (@opi)
opi24.01.2019 18:14:56


MaxEhrich (@maxehrich)
maxehrich24.01.2019 19:54:22

the song is beautiful 🙏

queen selena g 💋🌈✨ (@sexlikeselena)
sexlikeselena24.01.2019 18:22:00

it’s so beautiful and your friendship is so incredible ♥️ -Ty

disneylandgomez24.01.2019 19:06:40

So proud of you both and the message you are spreading. ❤️

💫Conty&Ro💫 (@selenatorslatinas)
selenatorslatinas24.01.2019 18:24:11

I'm so proud of you, of your journey and how you exteriorize your feelings. You're very brave and I hope you know it. Love you

videosofgomez24.01.2019 18:29:29

so proud of you! you two are amazing 💛✨🤗

YOUNG HOLLYWOOD (@younghollywood)
younghollywood25.01.2019 00:05:34

This and the song >>>>

Rena | (@healthyfitnessmeals)
healthyfitnessmeals24.01.2019 18:25:43

So exciting ❤️ question: what does the blood signify ?

Berivan Sevis (@tigerberivan)
tigerberivan09.02.2019 19:19:41

So cute babygurl 💘

sophie alexis (@sophie.alexis1)
sophie.alexis112.02.2019 04:23:00

welcome to a Special page for great places around the world

sher (@sheridans_anatomy)
sheridans_anatomy08.02.2019 19:31:29

Plz date Zac. (@nakdfashion)
nakdfashion31.01.2019 13:18:06

So sweet😍😍😍😍💕

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