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Coach (@coach)
coach05.07.2018 12:06:19

Just a couple wizards on a staircase. Casual. ✨

David Henrie (@davidhenrie)
davidhenrie05.07.2018 06:01:58

Of course all I get is one handful of popcorn u have the whole bag. And a pickle.

Jordyn Jones (@jordynjones)
jordynjones05.07.2018 07:03:39

bring back wizards

Paris Hilton (@parishilton)
parishilton05.07.2018 05:59:11


E! News (@enews)
enews05.07.2018 12:16:06


kevsho 🚀 (@kevsho9)
kevsho905.07.2018 05:57:27


disneylandgomez05.07.2018 05:57:12

The matching shirts, my heart 😭❤️

Chelsea Rose (@chelsearoseknows)
chelsearoseknows10.07.2018 13:08:13

I cannot WAIT until him and Hailey’s breakup!!! And it is GOING to happen, guaranteed. That’s what happens when 21 year olds get married. Selena is so good to be rid of him; she is a QUEEN, with a REAL career (unlike Hailey) and she will be just fine without Justin. His engagement post reeked of desperation. It was like ‘hey Selena! Look I’m in love!’ #desperate 

Abdullaziz (@bin_baz)
bin_baz05.07.2018 06:51:06

👯‍♀️ matching shirts

Dolly Castro (@missdollycastro)
missdollycastro05.07.2018 06:00:36


Selena Gomez Updates (@sgomezupdatess)
sgomezupdatess05.07.2018 20:00:49

Still the coolest kids on the block

Izaih Parker (@official_izaih)
official_izaih11.07.2018 03:46:11

justin bieber and selena gomez are proof that no matter how hard you try, some things just aren’t meant to be.

Maddy Belle♡ (@maddy)
maddy05.07.2018 05:54:57


priyadharshini (@priya.v0096)
priya.v009611.07.2018 09:07:13

@araemely_  ok Justin cheated so many gals....when will karma attack Justin

Martha Rodriguez (@queenmartha24)
queenmartha2410.07.2018 14:21:03

I’m so glad he finally showed his real person Fake & liar @justinbieber  how can you date someone two months ago and then get engaged with someone else that’s wrong... @selenagomez  I pray that you find someone worthy, better not a kid like @justinbieber...  you are a beautiful person inside and out! You deserve better! I’m with you 👏👍🙂

Riu (@cute_kitty_kat19)
cute_kitty_kat1910.07.2018 15:51:43

Take care of your health Selena. That is the most important. Eat vegetables and fruits. It’s really necessary for the kidney to function properly.

HJM (@hasnisawatie)
hasnisawatie10.07.2018 17:30:12

First i stalked justin, then hailey & here I am 😂😂😂😂

Ελλάδα (@_marinas19)
_marinas1910.07.2018 14:14:29

Kill em with kindness

cel (@celmalik)
celmalik11.07.2018 00:32:36


vídeo Justin drew (@videosjustin_bieber)
videosjustin_bieber10.07.2018 17:21:58

You never deserved Justin, he was too much for you

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