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Anushka Sen (@anushkasen0408)
anushkasen040810.05.2018 19:20:56

Woww! Loveddd the song! Can’t wait for season 2 ❤️😍⚡️

Travis DesLaurier (@travbeachboy)
travbeachboy10.05.2018 19:06:02

I wanna be in this show!😂🙌🏼

Naked Wardrobe (@nakedwardrobe)
nakedwardrobe10.05.2018 19:08:44

the high priestess (II) (@cravingfiction)
cravingfiction17.05.2018 21:40:16

cancel this bullshit. it glorifies suicide and it makes it look like some kind of revenge. i can’t believe you took part in this garbage. i know many people who had a hard time because of this show. the only thing it does is romanticize mental illnesses. this is so fucked up.

Selena Gomez ♡ (@sexlikeselena)
sexlikeselena10.05.2018 19:42:58

so excited

eggchum basic (@eggchum)
eggchum19.05.2018 00:48:51

not sure how a show like this is praised so much. has all of the wrong messages

Selenatorslay (@selena.dailys)
selena.dailys11.05.2018 03:39:49

super 👌

Selenatorslay (@selena.dailys)
selena.dailys11.05.2018 03:39:45

love u so much

Elma Beganovich (@elmabeganovich)
elmabeganovich14.05.2018 13:13:56


lil shayy 💕 (@queen._shay)
queen._shay19.05.2018 22:45:54

This show discusses suicide, rape, assault, lies, heartbreak, love, mental illnesses , bullying, drugs, sex, violence, pregnant (sorry if I spoiled), gun violence, peer pressure, passion, secrets, sexuality, and the list goes goes on and on...this show demonstrates real life issues through high school students and that’s why this show is important...💜

Celia~Marie 🌸 (@_celiamariemurphy_20)
_celiamariemurphy_2016.05.2018 03:22:19

@_noel_smith_  @official_patricksmith18  there’s a season 2 when your finished thinking Hannah is still alive 😂☝🏼

MGM 🖤 (@sogiselle)
sogiselle15.05.2018 17:03:25

@d.rrell  OMMMMGGGG

Lexi🌻 (@lexi_e_15)
lexi_e_1516.05.2018 21:43:03


em☻ly mothersbaugh (@emilymothersbaugh)
emilymothersbaugh20.05.2018 09:21:22

there is nothing good that comes from this show and it’s ridiculous that you would support something so disgusting. The events depicted have absolutely no place on television much less on a platform kids can reach. The show sends all the wrong messages, starting with normalizing mental illness and making it seem like it’s a casual thing to have that doesn’t need medical attention. This show is a disgrace and an insult to anyone who has ever suffered with any issues “dealt with” and pointed out throughout the show. This is a DISGUSTING PROGRAM and I’m saddened that so much money is being made from exploiting issues people face everyday. You should be ashamed of what you’re promoting and what messages you’re sending. Mental illness is not a fucking tv show it’s not a “trend” that spreads around a school and it sure as hell isn’t something to use to make money off of. Promoting awareness my ass. Get this bullshit off of Netflix

رسكا خيراني نافيتوفولو (@reska_haerani)
reska_haerani17.05.2018 09:11:11


⚽IBRAHIM12⚽ (@ibrahimalrefai12)
ibrahimalrefai1218.05.2018 14:20:52

@ameen._.nani  ليك تفرج عهاد المسلسل كتير حلو اليوم نزل الموسم التاني منو

Camilla le Dous Nysten (@camillaledous)
camillaledous18.05.2018 09:53:37

@pernilllenyvang  !!!!

Ika Nur'aisyah Hasyani (@ikanurhasyani)
ikanurhasyani17.05.2018 11:03:25

@fa_kalifa  lagunya 😘

MAGALÍ CARDEÑA (@magali_ackerman)
magali_ackerman17.05.2018 18:13:24

@ivan.deltoya  el tipo d series k se k te encantan

Esmée Krüzen (@esmeekruzen)
esmeekruzen17.05.2018 05:42:04

@jenherrema  oke ik vind dit een leuk lied

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