Sunrise moon on a chilling fall morning in 🇦🇷 #fitzroy #sunrise #patagonia #argentina - Scott Kranz (@scott_kranz)
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Matthew Massa (@thismattexists)
thismattexists15.05.2019 22:26:41

Gorgeous dude ! Always top notch stuff

Scott Masitto (@smasitto)
smasitto15.05.2019 21:34:20

A picture is worth a 1000 words this photo definitely speaks to me

Andrew Wille (@andrewoptics)
andrewoptics15.05.2019 21:14:49

Seriously epic man 🙌🏼

Chris Blewett | Midwest (@cwblewett)
cwblewett15.05.2019 21:09:28

Love this shot 🙌

Even Tryggstrand (@eventyr)
eventyr15.05.2019 21:03:54

Fantastic landscape 👌🏼

Hans Gunnar Aslaksen (@hansgunnaraslaksen)
hansgunnaraslaksen15.05.2019 20:24:58

Really good Scott 🕺

Stacia Glenn (@staciangeliques)
staciangeliques15.05.2019 17:56:40

This is amazing, Scott!

Danny Nash (@dannynash52)
dannynash5215.05.2019 17:51:47

Perfect picture Scott!!! 👏🏻

Jameson Schultz (@jameson.schultz)
jameson.schultz15.05.2019 17:41:24

Alright you did it, your photos helped convince me I'm now going back next year and actually staying through the fall haha 😁 nice work man

daniel gorostieta (@dgsc)
dgsc15.05.2019 17:37:05

Money man! 🔥

Konsta Punkka (@kpunkka)
kpunkka15.05.2019 17:36:28

Incredible 😍

Nicholas Low |📍Brazil 🇧🇷 (@nicholasllow)
nicholasllow15.05.2019 17:34:19

This piece of art has so many amazing elements in it! Really appreciate you putting in the work in framing the peaks, the moon and the autumn foliage! 👏👏

jmkranz (@jmkranz)
jmkranz15.05.2019 17:31:12

😍😍😍 Woweeee

Yuzar Farid (@yuzar_omaa)
yuzar_omaa15.05.2019 17:30:23

Nice framing 👏

Jacob W. Frank (Jake) (@jacobwfrank)
jacobwfrank15.05.2019 17:28:31


colton jacobs (@coltonandrewjacobs)
coltonandrewjacobs15.05.2019 17:27:43

Dang dude!

Caleb Jacobson (@caleb.jacobson)
caleb.jacobson15.05.2019 17:27:38

Absolutely stunning Scott! Love the inclusion of the moon

CHRIS MILLSAP (@freetosurf)
freetosurf15.05.2019 17:26:57

Nice shot!

Alexander Barrett (@alexander.barrett)
alexander.barrett16.05.2019 19:20:35


Stefano Ricca (@stefanoriccaphoto)
stefanoriccaphoto16.05.2019 09:24:54

I really like it 🔝

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