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Dan Bones (@danbones)
danbones12.06.2019 15:43:09

i’m so sorry you had to go through that. i truly admire willingness to communicate and share with such level headedness and poise. 🙏

Rhys Cooper (@studioseppuku)
studioseppuku12.06.2019 05:20:29

Sorry to hear this happened to you mate. Hugs

🕸 Dahlia Black 🕸 (@iheartdahliablack)
iheartdahliablack11.06.2019 23:43:54

I’m so sorry this has happened to you Sara, you deserve all the love in the world and I know you’ll find it someday soon. Aaron, the babies and I are all sending our love to you 💕

Jasmine Temana (@jasmine_temana)
jasmine_temana11.06.2019 22:10:07


Kyler Efinger (@kefinger420)
kefinger42011.06.2019 21:13:35

So sorry this happened to you. I only started following Jrue due to an acquaintance of mine. He seemed like a really cool guy and has done some amazing tattoos. I guess this proves how people can disguise their real lives by portraying themselves through social media.

🌻Stephanie🌻 (@stephaniej12112)
stephaniej1211211.06.2019 19:18:01

While I haven't had this as a relationship, my mother was/is a narcissist and sociopath. I got out at 20, and let me tell you, it's better to get out asap. You don't want to be trapped at 45 with a fucking demon of a person. Good for you for getting out. I totally empathize with you for ignoring the signs etc. When you have cptsd its easy to just want to love people and take care of them the way you wish you were taken care of. its a hard thing to walk from that. youre the bigger person for sure. u go girl!!

Jessica Streppel (@hairgirljessica)
hairgirljessica11.06.2019 18:55:00

Literally the definition of a sociopath

Ashleigh Izienicki (@missupacey)
missupacey11.06.2019 18:46:09

This was so incredibly well spoken, thank you so so much for posting this ❤️❤️❤️

lui Giglio (@luiachillesargento)
luiachillesargento11.06.2019 18:43:13

Who is it

Danielsmind (@danielsmind)
danielsmind11.06.2019 18:37:27

This reminds me of the new Ted Bundy movie

Johanna Elena (@johanna_batman)
johanna_batman11.06.2019 18:31:57

Tsemppiä Sara, tiedän miltä toi tuntuu! Ja hienoa että puhut asiasta avoimesti ja painotat, ettei vika ole niissä jotka petetyksi joutuu. Liian usein uhri syyttää itseään, kuten itekin oon tehnyt. Tommonen voi syödä itsetuntoa tosi paljon, mutta myös vahvistaa ja auttaa kasvamaan ihmisenä, kunhan ensin pääsee asiasta yli ja tiedostaa sen, että noin käyttäytyy ainoastaan henkilöt, joilla on itsensä kanssa todella pahoja ongelmia. Stay strong 💪🏻

Dave Benson (@dbenson1980)
dbenson198011.06.2019 18:20:36

It’s a credit to you as a person for being strong enough to post this and amazing that you can be quite so eloquent, I’d be using language that would have Instagram banning me. Stay strong and keep your head up.

Gucci Death Squad (@yungterrence)
yungterrence11.06.2019 18:19:14

idk what all this is about, but you have the voice of an angel and should consider podcasting or something cause I could listen to you all day and night

bbq (@themightybbq)
themightybbq11.06.2019 18:39:24

Don't be reckless with other people's hearts, don't put up with those who are reckless with yours. -Mary Schmich

Summer Lynn Sause (@sumsumsause)
sumsumsause11.06.2019 18:37:51

Omg if I was dating you 😫 how could anyone hurt someone as pure and kind and beautiful and talented as you???? UGH you deserve the world babe and I hope you find it ❤️

Jer Carolina (@kaamoshaltia)
kaamoshaltia12.06.2019 16:48:56

Huge thx for bringing up women warning other women. Ever since I went trough abuse and had to hear about the men's behaviour only after the relationship I've made sure to help other women if I see something wrong. I've gotten shit for that at first but thanks at the end. Positive gossiping is way to keep us out of harms way, more women sticking together 🖤

Grant (@over.the.handlebars)
over.the.handlebars11.06.2019 18:37:10

You're such a strong woman to put this on your platform 🙌

Chelsea (@chelbagg)
chelbagg12.06.2019 15:44:12

🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 PREACH henny. Also this is for friendships as well! I’ve been in a lot of toxic lying friendships like this and it’s insanely eye opening. Red flags are definitely more apparent these days. Sometimes you have to go through a real eye opener to learn. Sending you all the love and anyone else who’s suffering in a toxic relationship.

Heather Rose (@physicswitch)
physicswitch11.06.2019 22:13:30

Just sending you love. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

TiaⓋ (@tialyn636)
tialyn63611.06.2019 20:38:49

Hoo boy, this sounds like my ex.

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