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⚡️Reese Hilburn⚡️ (@theartofreese)
theartofreese11.06.2019 02:02:29

This is so rad!!! Love it

Angel Rose Fergerstrom (@theangelrose)
theangelrose11.06.2019 00:58:49

So fucking beautiful

Kendra Okereke (@ken10hollywood)
ken10hollywood10.06.2019 22:34:36

This is 🔥

Bryton Miller (@brytonamiller)
brytonamiller10.06.2019 22:08:54

So stoked on this! Can’t wait until September🙌🏼😍

Jake Berry (@jankyjake)
jankyjake10.06.2019 22:01:01

You guys did an amazing job on this. It was super cool to see you guys working on this in person last month🔥🔥

Streetwear Anime (@streetwearanime)
streetwearanime10.06.2019 21:45:40

Lovely. Your work is amazing, especially the rope. Makes me want a shibari piece

Brittany Ireland (@br1ttany1reland)
br1ttany1reland10.06.2019 20:53:41

Next collab should be with my leg lol

🌙 camillejvanessa ♡ (@baaanzai)
baaanzai11.06.2019 00:48:25

Woooow ! 😍😍😍

Paige Leon (@paigeleon_)
paigeleon_11.06.2019 00:39:46


Brittany Miller (@brittanyalyce_)
brittanyalyce_11.06.2019 00:19:23

Beyond incredible!! 🙌💙

D. A. H...... (@dan_bigdan)
dan_bigdan10.06.2019 23:44:09

Totally wonderful and awesome.

Jonathan A.Prado (@jonyx8x)
jonyx8x10.06.2019 23:08:56

Qué pasada 🙊😨😍

Im Really A Mermaid (@jennaboo2722)
jennaboo272210.06.2019 23:00:53

Dat is some thick legs she worked on...looks great!

Kat Lyon England (@lyonkatt)
lyonkatt10.06.2019 22:55:46

Absolutely amazing, as always👌🏼🖤

Momos* (@konstantinos.momos)
konstantinos.momos10.06.2019 22:54:08


Darryll Deacon (@darryllalexandra)
darryllalexandra10.06.2019 22:53:56

This is amazing!!!! 😍😍😍😍

Andrew Huskey (@ahuskey11)
ahuskey1110.06.2019 22:47:49


J P (@manouttatheb0x)
manouttatheb0x10.06.2019 22:30:34

Good grief that's incredible

Lone Wolf (@lonewolf.lycaon)
lonewolf.lycaon10.06.2019 22:28:14

Omfg!! 😍

Geraldine 🐾 (@geraldineivf)
geraldineivf10.06.2019 21:59:22


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