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Scalp Solutions (@scalpsolutionsny)
scalpsolutionsny07.06.2019 23:37:10

See you there! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

🌻Stephanie🌻 (@stephaniej12112)
stephaniej1211207.06.2019 23:14:53

dont give me the discount lemme just pet ur sweet furbabies

Dave Paulo (@davepaulo_tattooartist)
davepaulo_tattooartist07.06.2019 23:05:46

See you there :) also at Inkedmag both like last year 😋😎

Mark Thompson (@blackarrowtattoo_mt)
blackarrowtattoo_mt07.06.2019 23:04:49

See u there!!

shawn jaques (@shawnshin3)
shawnshin307.06.2019 23:01:31

Will you ever come to Portland Oregon? I might just do a road trip ,:)

Yomicoart (@yomicoart)
yomicoart07.06.2019 22:52:46

See you here 🤘🏻

Dan Che (@danche0001)
danche000107.06.2019 22:16:21

Will you be doing solely your predrawns at the convention or can we sign up for customs as well?

Dima Log (@dimkal)
dimkal07.06.2019 21:49:59

Omg, you are such a Barbie girl 😻😻😻 having your photo on my phone screen for many years, actually for the first time seeing you speaking. Going to keep this screen proudly for many years more ❤️

𝕹𝖆𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖓 𝕲𝖔𝖉𝖋𝖗𝖊𝖊 (@thaholygoat)
thaholygoat07.06.2019 21:49:19

See ya there bud! 🙌🏼

D Gutierrez (@_d_gutierrez_)
_d_gutierrez_07.06.2019 21:25:23

What about Houston,TX? Will you ever be coming here?

Brian Lowell (@angry_pope)
angry_pope07.06.2019 21:23:49

❤️ Siggy

Karl Evans (@karlitosway01)
karlitosway0107.06.2019 21:21:04

Do you ever come to the UK? Love to meet and get some work done by u x

Doc (@dr_turmoyal)
dr_turmoyal07.06.2019 20:53:29

You have other friends in NYC too!!

Kevin Mack (@thekevin_themack)
thekevin_themack07.06.2019 20:47:15

Where in Pennsylvania?

Spencer (@spencer_thee_nerd)
spencer_thee_nerd07.06.2019 20:43:52

Yep we lit🔥 we got da same hat

yoitsprincce07.06.2019 20:52:02

Yall ever fall in love with the way someone talks 😍

{🇩🇴🇮🇹} (@__ihcnillot_niria_)
__ihcnillot_niria_07.06.2019 22:40:32

I’d LOVE!!!!! To be covered in tattoos like you are 😩😩

-Sage Boariu- (@apinchof_sage)
apinchof_sage07.06.2019 21:41:19

You have a velvet voice, wow

Emilie Madsen (@emilielmadsen)
emilielmadsen07.06.2019 21:29:35

Oh man, I wish I was in NYC, would die to get tattooed by you 😭

Mark Kim-bo Slice (@da_dapper_dad)
da_dapper_dad08.06.2019 01:28:49

Dang chica, you've come along so far. Congrats on all your success! 🙌🏽 Would be great to have to get a piece done by you one of these days 🤙🏽Ink often, ink well! 😊

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