Been up in Canada for the @nixtattooshow this weekend. Received some picture of my kitties from my friend babysitter them. I miss my kiddos. I wish tr - Sara Fabel (@sarafabel)
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Corpse Veronese (@corpsexiii)
corpsexiii03.06.2019 01:34:45

Haha 😂 If I tried to get either of my cats into a bath it would become my bloodbath 😺😺

Martin Acuna (@picasso69)
picasso6903.06.2019 00:57:10

Cute 💜🖤💜

bridget_080704.06.2019 17:10:01

What a beautiful pic ❤️🐱

PABLO (@ofp_239)
ofp_23904.06.2019 01:31:24

love it

Marcus (@york13)
york1303.06.2019 18:12:46


paweł hudecki (@hudy1979)
hudy197903.06.2019 12:51:08


Chris Pierce (@chrispierce951)
chrispierce95103.06.2019 11:40:15


Liam Hurst (@liamhurst80)
liamhurst8003.06.2019 06:05:09

I hope these kitties know what ‘weeners’ they are😁

TINA! (@kevin.sorbos.not.dead)
kevin.sorbos.not.dead03.06.2019 04:58:36

This is such a pretty photo

RicH HACKENBERG (@rhackenbergs)
rhackenbergs03.06.2019 04:34:41

Lucky cat 😁

Keith Cameron (@kcameron9876)
kcameron987603.06.2019 04:34:22


𝓓𝓪𝓿𝓲𝓭 𝓣 (@synnrz)
synnrz03.06.2019 03:53:55

Hair is on the way😍🔥

Natasha M (@natasham1972)
natasham197203.06.2019 02:34:46

I feel for you. Always miss my munchkin dreadfully when we travel.

Adriano Vazquez (@vazquezadriano)
vazquezadriano03.06.2019 02:10:33


Alyssa Williamson (@alyssanickk)
alyssanickk03.06.2019 01:49:31

This is so adorable!!!

Cristina Ortiz (@beautifullybusy)
beautifullybusy03.06.2019 01:25:22

Omg so cute 😻

Joe Caruso (@cookietheswede)
cookietheswede03.06.2019 01:17:28

If I held my cat that close to water the ER would be my next stop.

愛 (
rui.ai03.06.2019 01:08:39

Oooooooh!very cute💋

Dan Jones (@dhjseven)
dhjseven03.06.2019 01:05:33

Do you face time them @sarafabel  ?

Carly Ashdown (@carly_ashdown_art)
carly_ashdown_art04.06.2019 05:26:14

Hi @sarafabel  is everything ok? I haven’t heard back so thought I should check x

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