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Carly Ashdown (@carly_ashdown_art)
carly_ashdown_art01.06.2019 09:52:16

Hi Sara, I’ve sent you a DM xx

Leo Gonzalez (@leovonpoozle)
leovonpoozle30.05.2019 19:31:09

This winter I almost can’t wait.

Jess Mascetti (@jessmachete)
jessmachete30.05.2019 15:22:18

Perfect textures 🖤

Lucien (@lukeedouglas)
lukeedouglas30.05.2019 14:03:36

Dam wish you tattooed in Australia !! 😍

Logan Glenn (@logizanglizan)
logizanglizan30.05.2019 00:45:32

Real Purdy!!

Yves Mercado (@gambitsevy)
gambitsevy30.05.2019 00:41:40

Damn nice

thereisnospoon (@thereisnospoon)
thereisnospoon29.05.2019 23:27:07

Rhinoceros beetle? Love it

rafael/madrizra (@madrizra)
madrizra29.05.2019 20:27:08


enrique velasquez (@quez_art_design)
quez_art_design02.06.2019 19:27:09

@sarafabel  amazing work. I was just at the nix convention and seen you as I was passing by. I wished I could have said hello but out of respect I didn't want to bother you. Just wanted to say your work is very inspiring and I watch your IG stories at times and and you give artists like me the motivation to be better at my craft so I thanknyou

Melanie Graser (@mkg417)
mkg41730.05.2019 00:00:58


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