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Silvana Carlos (@silvana_carlos)
silvana_carlos29.05.2019 15:46:35

I want my arm like that! 😍

crtrwllms29.05.2019 15:22:13

Unreal work Sara! 🐐

Sweet Desserts (@sw_desserts)
sw_desserts29.05.2019 15:10:49

my god woman, you are beyond talented, not only as a tattooer but as a truly stunning artist.

🅺🅰🅾🆂 🆃🅷🅴🅾🆁🆈 (@n2another)
n2another29.05.2019 17:36:04

Love it 🖤🦅

cherrytekken29.05.2019 17:12:34


QUANG DO (@richhomiequangx)
richhomiequangx29.05.2019 16:44:15

Beautiful❤️. My first tattoo needs to be from you

Mariya Petrova (@mariyapetrova)
mariyapetrova29.05.2019 16:14:54

Gorgeous 😍😍😍

Cat (@2bcat)
2bcat29.05.2019 16:05:40

I love it 🤩

AbedAb (@aboudi9)
aboudi929.05.2019 15:47:33

So cool

Jon No H (@fischeroffroad)
fischeroffroad29.05.2019 15:36:47


Yves Mercado (@gambitsevy)
gambitsevy29.05.2019 15:11:41

You are a legend

Hen.Dogz (@hen.dogz)
hen.dogz29.05.2019 15:05:16


Kirsi (@kirsi.kari)
kirsi.kari29.05.2019 15:04:42


Marc Heathfield (@marc_skully)
marc_skully29.05.2019 14:59:17


Nadia 💋❤️ (@nadia_maldo)
nadia_maldo29.05.2019 14:44:56

Hermoso 💕

Sweet Desserts (@sw_desserts)
sw_desserts04.06.2019 21:26:18

hi sara, is this considered blackwork or black and grey? sorry, no idea about tattoo art in general.

Rebecca Lowe (@beksbaby)
beksbaby30.05.2019 11:08:50


Paradise Om (@pdizz_om)
pdizz_om30.05.2019 08:39:06

Beautiful work 😍 cant wait to get tattooed by u one of these dayz

Sarah Lupo (@sarahjoylupo)
sarahjoylupo30.05.2019 05:25:08

You’re amaaazing!

Skylr Harkness (@harkness.monster)
harkness.monster30.05.2019 04:17:24

Photos of your work are always top notch. 👍🔥

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