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Debbi (@thedebbi)
thedebbi29.05.2019 01:29:53

Congrats to the weeeeener!

Dillon Forte (@dillonforte)
dillonforte29.05.2019 01:15:17

We hiking tomorrow or what?

Ken (@dowhatiwant1979)
dowhatiwant197929.05.2019 01:14:23

Weener on the brain? 🤷🏼‍♂️😂😂😂😂

✭ м α т т н ε ω ✭ (@matthew.blackryall)
matthew.blackryall29.05.2019 01:09:03

Are you saying wiener? 🤣

B R I A N | 92Cinema™️ (@92cinema)
92cinema29.05.2019 01:08:33

Couldn’t get time off?! Wtf lol I would’ve quit my job and found a new one when I got back😂😂

Ziggy Halliday (@zigmatik)
zigmatik29.05.2019 03:08:12

Any Canadian will tell you that the best thing to do in Toronto is to get on a train to Montreal 😂🤣

Seanathan Freeman Ⓥ (@dirtyarms)
dirtyarms29.05.2019 01:13:33

You should definitely check out the Art Gallery of Ontario - it’s right downtown and there’s plenty of eye candy there

Nic 🌹 (@nicishka)
nicishka29.05.2019 01:02:18

Kensington Market and Ajisen Ramen restaurant on Spadina Ave!!! Wish I acted quicker and got an opportunity to get your art that weekend!

Paul Fahey (@dyfahey)
dyfahey29.05.2019 12:43:53

The Distillery District, Queen's Quay, Queen West between Yonge & Spadina, Dundas Square, Royal Ontario Museum. 👍

YSx (@yazfazz)
yazfazz30.05.2019 02:37:03

Oh. My. God. You’re finally coming to Toronto. 🖤🖤🖤🖤 One day when my bank account is full, I plan to book you for a masterpiece of ink. I hope your cats can be there too haha. You’ll be here Thursday in time for all the Raptors excitement and madness 🦖🎉

𝙃𝘼𝙔𝘿𝙀𝙉 𝙒𝙊𝙇𝙁 (@haydenwxlf)
haydenwxlf29.05.2019 02:54:38


Michel Guedez (@michelguedez)
michelguedez29.05.2019 01:48:08

Heart broken 😪😫

Amy Hoj (@ammskiiii)
ammskiiii29.05.2019 01:18:10

Kensington Market, St Lawrence Market, Distillery District, The Beaches ... so many good spots

Breedanchilla (@breedanchilla)
breedanchilla29.05.2019 01:05:26

I second Kensington Market and St. Lawrence market! Also Madison Ave Pub

Jack Tipper (@jackvamp)
jackvamp02.06.2019 20:00:11

The first weeeener could not make it lol too bad for the little guy

John Arnold (@joharnold1983)
joharnold198301.06.2019 06:17:48

Love this chick

A. Batista (@a.batista.s)
a.batista.s31.05.2019 23:25:07

Kensington Market and Queen Street West.

Jessica Podporski (@mancina2582)
mancina258230.05.2019 23:20:47

Omg how long are you here for?

2:15 BRIZZ (@2_fifteen_ybw)
2_fifteen_ybw30.05.2019 15:27:30

I love you!!!

Jonathan Brian Eastman (@jonny_twotone)
jonny_twotone30.05.2019 11:24:48

I chose the same tattoo to share 🙌🏽 good for them!!!

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