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Joram Roukes (@joramroukes)
joramroukes28.05.2019 16:33:35

I just saw one of these! Very nicely done!

AngieC (@mama_mew_23)
mama_mew_2328.05.2019 16:23:07

You are such an amazing artist!!!

Will (@willxkills)
willxkills28.05.2019 16:22:36

Such a sick piece!

Akash Kumawat (@_akashkumawat)
_akashkumawat28.05.2019 16:15:00

This is so intense :') captured me the very second I saw it. ❤️

delany | 19 | CVTC➡️UW-Stout (@de.lany)
de.lany28.05.2019 17:29:07

What a gorgeous piece!!

Emily Ball (@northerngalem)
northerngalem28.05.2019 17:06:02

Absolutely amazing. I love the knowledge you have.

Taisto Karjalainen (@xluossa)
xluossa28.05.2019 16:43:48

Hieno on👍

Cristina Ortiz (@beautifullybusy)
beautifullybusy28.05.2019 16:38:27

Just wow. What a gorgeous piece 🖤

𝕐𝕠𝕝𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕒 ℂ. (@yolandacstudio)
yolandacstudio28.05.2019 16:37:50

Amazing tat❤️

Michael-John Flynn (@michael_john.v.flynn)
michael_john.v.flynn28.05.2019 16:35:22

I'd say Holt would give that one 3 oh damns. Incredible work 🔥

davut gunes (@gunesdvt)
gunesdvt28.05.2019 16:31:03


Brian Maneely (@brian_maneely)
brian_maneely28.05.2019 16:30:25

Absolutely brilliant!

⚡️ummer (@summer_shantel)
summer_shantel28.05.2019 16:30:20


Gourav Sakhare 👑 (@chuggy_69)
chuggy_6928.05.2019 16:12:49


Sunbina (@sc75827)
sc7582729.05.2019 14:33:45

I need to get to you ASAP❣️😍😍😍

Ell Hogerdyk (@ellyn_hogerdyk_art)
ellyn_hogerdyk_art29.05.2019 08:35:20

I love that you take so much interest in your designs and let us know the meanings, a true artist 😘

Yves Mercado (@gambitsevy)
gambitsevy29.05.2019 05:45:20

Can you fix my tattoo pleeeeeeease

Amit Paroha (@amit_expendable619)
amit_expendable61928.05.2019 17:12:29

Wow!!! This is such a beautiful example of symbolism!! Very beautiful art @sarafabel 

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