I tattoo myself as much as I can. My legs, the sides and the fronts at least are self made. They are a record of progression as an artist. Lots of pra - Sara Fabel (@sarafabel)
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brett slammin' (@bslammin)
bslammin23.05.2019 18:49:49

I think your tats are one of the so many things that make you perfect ❤️❤️

Melissa Montague (@milsa_28)
milsa_2823.05.2019 19:12:14

I love them. Like, to me atleast, yoi are one of the most beautiful women i have probably ever seen in my life. You are stunning.

Dillon Oliveira (@djoliveira69)
djoliveira6930.05.2019 03:16:03

U truly are inspiring and amazingly talented just wanted to say

카미 (@ckyskinner)
ckyskinner24.05.2019 13:58:51


Mike Rigby (@michaelrigby69)
michaelrigby6924.05.2019 01:04:09

Your tattoos, your art, your inner glow and that incredible mind make you unique, beautiful and who you are. Those who don't, or won't, see that because of their preconceptions or hangups are the ones who truly miss out and making true connections and knowing real people. Completely their loss!!✌💖

Daniella C Militello (@daniellamilitello)
daniellamilitello23.05.2019 18:47:24

🖤 thank you for these words 🙌

Enmanuel Abreu🔥👁🔥 (@_enmanuel_02)
_enmanuel_0223.05.2019 18:47:14

A beautiful art you do🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️

desireeturner23.05.2019 18:44:27

Amazing message!

David Red (@davidred48)
davidred4816.06.2019 00:54:21

You look great..... 😘

Light Lens and Perfection (@masterphotographystudio)
masterphotographystudio06.06.2019 20:47:37

Are you exspensive ?

Lucas Colton ⇌ (@lucas.colton_)
lucas.colton_26.05.2019 14:25:17


Rubelcy Donis (@rubelcygarabato)
rubelcygarabato25.05.2019 16:44:17

You are such a beautiful person in the inside and outside as well. I am learning how to tattoo by myself and you are right about how self made tattoos become a record of how one has progressed in this art. Keep showing your ink to the world.

N A T A L I E (@of.natalie)
of.natalie25.05.2019 13:02:08

I needed this.

Juliana (@moonebat)
moonebat25.05.2019 13:01:57

👏🏻 👏🏻

Peter Konik (@rabies4kids)
rabies4kids25.05.2019 02:40:07

Oh Sydney 🌑

Missita (Miss.See.Tah) (@makeupbymissita)
makeupbymissita25.05.2019 01:33:44


paola pasqualini 💅🏻📽 (@peachmillk)
peachmillk24.05.2019 22:23:36

Most beautiful🔥

Channy Baby (@chanthoeunn)
chanthoeunn24.05.2019 21:16:32

Beautifully said ♥️

Carita Öhman (@carita_kristiina)
carita_kristiina24.05.2019 20:15:58


Lizzz 🍁💕 (@___lizz._)
___lizz._24.05.2019 19:56:28

I love you 🖤🖤🙌🏽

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