"I wear this crown of thorns... Upon my liar's chair... Full of broken thoughts, I cannot repair... Beneath the stains of time, the feeling disappears - Sano Vamp (@sanovamp)
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TheBossMOB (@theboss_mob)
theboss_mob21.08.2017 22:12:40

That's my guy johnny cash

Yin qiyu (@yin_xxi)
yin_xxi22.08.2017 17:10:51

👍 🏻

Repa Ahmed (@sanaam88)
sanaam8822.08.2017 20:49:31

Nice pic

Albareliz (@albareliz)
albareliz23.08.2017 13:30:44

One of my favorite song by him 😊

Gen Korean BBQ - AYCE (@genkoreanbbq)
genkoreanbbq25.11.2017 09:52:05


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