Colby and I are always learning new things about each other and ourselves. At the beginning of our relationship we had no - Rachael Bernstein (@saltlake_pineapple_juice)
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Joanna and Adrian (@j_and_a_together)
j_and_a_together11.07.2019 04:32:30

Cool 😉

makayla soelberg💫 (@makaylasoelberg)
makaylasoelberg11.07.2019 04:38:57

This is so cool 😍

Dr. Adriana (@skinaesthetica)
skinaesthetica11.07.2019 04:45:06

💕I love this topic! Michael and I each have the same 3 but in different order. I’m 1. Gifts 2. Quality time 3. Acts of service and his top 2 are flipped!! 💕

Brittanie Stevens (@bstevens303)
bstevens30311.07.2019 05:17:43

Mine have changed with time! My top 3 now are different from when I was first married and no kids. A lot of my friends have said this happened with them also.

Jes Jeffs (@jesjeffs)
jesjeffs11.07.2019 06:07:26

This is something Bryce and I talked about too! I feel like it’s so important!! I have the same one and two as you, and three would be acts of service. ❤️

• kenzie sellers • (@mc__kenzie)
mc__kenzie11.07.2019 08:10:04

Quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation 🙏🏼

Chelsea Sedwick, MS, OTR/L (@chelsedwick)
chelsedwick11.07.2019 10:11:24

Quality Time, Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation 💙

Shyanne Pilch (@shynicolee)
shynicolee11.07.2019 14:37:32

Sebastian and I are both acts of service. We both scored a 0 on gifts so we never get each other anything and it’s amazing 😂

Karissa W. (@k_whit13)
k_whit1312.07.2019 01:37:04

1. Acts of Service, 2. Quality Time, 3. Words of Affirmation. Such an interesting quiz!

Stephany Bradford (@stephany___________)
stephany___________13.07.2019 22:35:22

♥️👌🏼👏🏼 Amazing shot. . I’ll have to retake the test. 😬

Family & Child Photographer (@daisiesandcloversphotography)
daisiesandcloversphotography14.07.2019 14:26:54

You guys are the cutest!

Chrom Pam (@chrompam)
chrompam15.07.2019 10:00:10


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