"Thought leadership, is the channelling of conscious disruption." ~ SALT
Disruption is not an inherently evil act. Disruption is the antidote to evi - ⚡️Ṡ  Ä  Ḷ Ṫ⚡️ (@saltfreedom)
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Alexis Allen (@quilts_for_warriors)
quilts_for_warriors20.03.2018 18:21:56

Keep rocking it sister, so proud of you!!!

Jason Lee Erickson (@jason_lee_erickson)
jason_lee_erickson20.03.2018 18:39:11


K A R E N  B A X T E R (@amodernmaverick)
amodernmaverick20.03.2018 19:15:43

just wow 🔨

Forex Society (@forex_society)
forex_society21.03.2018 06:02:28

good one 🔥

⚡️Ṡ  Ä  Ḷ Ṫ⚡️ (@saltfreedom)
saltfreedom21.03.2018 06:44:32

@quilts_for_warriors  Thank you my SS. 🐦

⚡️Ṡ  Ä  Ḷ Ṫ⚡️ (@saltfreedom)
saltfreedom21.03.2018 06:45:19

@amodernmaverick  Well I'll take that as a compliment thanks Karen! As a conscious lifestyle advocate this is in alignment with your calling yes? <3

⚡️Ṡ  Ä  Ḷ Ṫ⚡️ (@saltfreedom)
saltfreedom21.03.2018 06:47:00

@forex_society  Glad it landed!! xx

Hailey Lott (@haileylott_)
haileylott_21.03.2018 22:24:32

Your joy is contagious 😍🤩

Tnt Alukard (@tnt_alukatd)
tnt_alukatd21.03.2018 23:35:06

Beautiful smile

Maurice (@mwrfounder)
mwrfounder22.03.2018 12:09:24

You are a great spiritual being. Harmony is the answer ❤️🎩

Jessica Hill (@courageousjessicahill)
courageousjessicahill22.03.2018 14:58:51

Yes yes yes! Amazing! 💕

Inspire | Empower | Transform (@angellrivera)
angellrivera22.03.2018 19:29:44


⚡️Ṡ  Ä  Ḷ Ṫ⚡️ (@saltfreedom)
saltfreedom28.03.2018 00:08:22

@courageousjessicahill  Thank you for your encouragement Jessica!! xx

⚡️Ṡ  Ä  Ḷ Ṫ⚡️ (@saltfreedom)
saltfreedom28.03.2018 00:08:50

@mwrfounder  Yes. Love, Peace & Respect to all. <3

⚡️Ṡ  Ä  Ḷ Ṫ⚡️ (@saltfreedom)
saltfreedom28.03.2018 00:09:40

@haileylott_  We are soul twins my Hailey babe!! xx

Making Brands Famous on IG🔥 (@billionaire_era)
billionaire_era04.04.2018 09:12:54

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⚡️Ṡ  Ä  Ḷ Ṫ⚡️ (@saltfreedom)
saltfreedom05.04.2018 03:53:35

@courageousjessicahill  Thank you Jessica! I appreciate your loving enthusiasm 💞

Steven Huckaby (@sthuck_yo)
sthuck_yo08.04.2018 04:44:47

Woah bro! 👌🏼🙌🏼

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