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As the sun dropped below the mountain it created a shadow that it casted on the
As the sun dropped below the mountain it created a shadow that it casted on the haze looking as if it was slicing through the sky. • I had researched and planned a place to go using satellite imagery. On my drive I had discovered I can't access the road because it is on a private Indian Reservation. I back tracked a little while to a place I had spotted during the trip in. Got out and starting hiking about 2 miles up to a butte that looked like it could have a good vantage point looking down into a small valley that leads up to the mountain. I was right. However I had to tromp through some thick and tall brush, tearing my clothes a little here and there. All the while, it smelled like a fierce campfire because of the wildfires on the other side of the mountain. Also, it made my eyes burn and my lungs heavy. Originally Jefferson's silhouette was the only thing visible but as the sky begin to darken I could see through the haze a little more clearly. Then the sun sank below the horizon, and gave me this. • • f/9 1/25sec 85mm ISO100 (tripod + polarizer) • • #landscape#photography#nature#exploregon#fuelyourlife#explore#oregonfire#moodygram#mountain#pnw#wilderness#hiking#exploreeverything#wanderlust#upperleftusa#homegrown#mountainsunset#oregon#neverstopexploring#exploremore#optoutside#oregonexplored#youroregon#oregonnw#bestoforegon#traveloregon#mountjefferson#mtjeffersonwilderness#mountjeffersonwilderness#mtjefferson
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As a father of two now, I've had to spend more time at home. Which also happens
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As a father of two now, I've had to spend more time at home. Which also happens to mean less time out and about capturing photos of this beautiful Earth we share. I have been stewing lately and brainstorming of places to go, compositions to try and getting together plans a, b, and c for all of the above. Man it's fun to dream of that alternative lifestyle and I'm starting to think maybe I can fit it back in. Just a little, like one trek per month or something like that. Something not too often but maybe enough to where I can commit. (As the YouTube adventures I have been posting lately are actually from last year) • Combing through all the old really makes me itch for new. But as these holidays get closer these dreams just grew further away this week as I sold my camera. Boom. Huge changes coming. • Because I am getting a new camera. Did I get you? Haha don't worry, I have new visions, as well as new equipment soon! The videos and photos will keep coming although I may have to take a week or two off from not having a camera for a week now. But my family is healthy and happy and I may be able to take a day off and go out about once a month or so. • It isn't easy leaving these beautiful girls behind though. Usually when I go, I have such guilt, but I would rather show them an example of ambition, determination, persistence, hard work, and also create art that has meaning. If I sit at home for too long, the guilt of not providing those traits builds up too. Which it has so this is where I am now. All paths lead to me providing inspiration. Well, at least some attempts at it. 🤷‍♂️ • • • #portrait#portraitphotography#oregonportraits#oregon#oregonportraitphotographer#wildlifeportrait#wildlifeportraits#adventurephotography#oregonphotography#oregonpride#youtuber#youtube#youtubevideos#contentcreator#youtubecreator#youtubevid#oregonvlogger#oregon#familyvlogs#youtubevlogs#youtubevlogger#vlogs#oregonfamily#oregonfamilyfun#oregonfamilyphotographer
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Some sort of beach art on the creepiest hike I ever experienced. Low hanging oce
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Some sort of beach art on the creepiest hike I ever experienced. Low hanging ocean mist left me with zero to no visibility, aside from the moonlight being blocked by the clouds. I would shine my flashlight near a sound to find out what it was and it always turned out to be a small stream or harmless animal. But it got to me and it had me convinced they were larger animals. I would continuously turn my flash light on, temporarily blind myself, check my surroundings, then turn it off to resume under moonlight. I eventually learned to just not check behind me because I'm most likely fine and I don't want see what's behind me anyways. But frequently trusting my gut wasn't easy. When I would shine my flashlight toward the ocean I couldn't see anything as the might would just dissipate into the air as the mist was too thick to see anything. It was low tide so I couldn't even see waves I could just hear them far off in the distance. There were ominous clouds off of the beach that slowly crept towards me, covering the moonlight making it harder to use the moon as my night light. I arrived at my destination, set up and had about two minutes of shooting until the clouds covered the scene. • This photo is something I found on my way to those rocks ahead. Which tells me sometimes the journey is more fun than the end result. • • #landscape#photography#starrynight#exploregon#skyporn#astronomy#explore#epic#stars#pnw#wilderness#star#wanderlust#upperleftusa#wanderlust#stargazing#constellation#inspiration#outofthisworld#neverstopexploring#thatpnwlife#oregon#exploremore#optoutside#oregonexplored#livealittle#fuelyourlife#me#happy#milkyway
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NEW VIDEO upload! (Link in bio or swipe today's story) we went to the skatepark
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One of the most majestic mountains of all. Mount Hood, Oregon. It's shape is jus
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One of the most majestic mountains of all. Mount Hood, Oregon. It's shape is just textbook volcano due to all of the continuous lava pressures below. It is still an active volcano that sometimes emits natural gasses that hikers nearby can smell. • Not a lot of people are informed that this volcano is still active. Which is why I don't visit it frequently but when I do I make the most of it. • Mount Hood is more than 500,000 years old. The volcano has grown in fits and starts, with decades to centuries of frequent eruptions separated by quiet periods lasting from centuries to more than 10,000 years. In the recent past, Mount Hood has had two significant eruptive periods, one about 1,500 years ago and the other about 200 years ago. (In 1790) • Unlike its neighbor to the north, Mount St. Helens, Mount Hood does not have a history of violent explosive eruptions. Instead, lava flows rarely traveling more than 6 to 8 miles from their source, have built up the flanks of the volcano one sector at a time. Sometimes, instead of flowing slowly downhill, lava piles up over its vent forming a lava dome many hundreds of feet high. On the steep upper slopes of Mount Hood, growing lava domes have repeatedly collapsed to form extremely hot, fast-moving pyroclastic flows. Few of these pyroclastic flows have traveled more than 8 miles. But because they are extremely hot, such flows can melt significant quantities of snow and ice to produce lahars that flow down river valleys, often far beyond the flanks of the volcano. Over the past 30,000 years, growth and collapse of lava domes and generation of lahars have dominated Mount Hood's eruptive activity. • So the history of this volcano is a huge part of the beautiful shape that it provides to folks like me than enjoy the beauty. • • • #mounthood#landscape#photography#nature#exploregon#volcanicactivity#explore#reflections#mountain#pnw#exploreeverything#mountaintop#oregon#neverstopexploring#exploremore#optoutside#mthoodnationalforest#mthood#laketrillium#omht#landscape_lover#landscape_lovers#adventurecollective#pnwcollective#pnwuncovered#pnwonderland#cascadiaexplored#youroregon#oregonexplored#pnwdiscovered
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Made it out with my fresh @eyeclothingco gear. Go check out this sick local PNW
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