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“Miss Americana” When we set out for the small town “with the cemetery on the hi
“Miss Americana” When we set out for the small town “with the cemetery on the hill and the best apple pie in Southern California,” we had an idea of what shots we wanted to get. Ashley had been there long ago on a motorcycle ride with her father, and I was up for an escape from the glitz of Newport Beach, so off we went. We’ve been friends for close to twelve years now, but like many needed the drive to catch up. As you get wrapped up in your own adventures after college, it’s easy to lose touch, but with some friendships you can pick right up where you left off. As the tall palm trees turned to old oak we found an old barn on the side of the road that had been turned into an antique shop and pulled over. As we walked in you could tell the eyes that put the place together were acute with design, aesthetic, and personal touch... and so we had no choice but to ask if we could shoot there! The girl behind the counter turned to the two generations of women in the back of the space and they said absolutely, and so away we went. This was my first time shooting with someone I consider a professional model; so I tried my best to ask what part of her outfits needed to be the subject, and then explain what i saw in my head, and work with what we had. I quickly learned why it’s best to have more than one camera with the different lenses you might need on and ready to go. The moments were fluid, the looks minute and piercing. I felt like i was behind the speed and professionalism she was used to. There wasn’t a question of what her job was, or how to do it and i think that’s the difference between your everyday @instagram model and someone like @ashleyzarlin As I got the pace down, a few outfit changes and a feel for an open collaborative balance, we made our way to the old Chevy truck parked out under the old oak tree and started to shoot. The lines of the classic boxed hood made the perfect leading line into the subject. The worn orange hood faded and contrasted with her blue jean jacket just right, and this All American picture came together. It was during this shoot, for the first time, I felt like a true portraiteur. Thank you, 🙋‍♀️- @ashleyzarlin
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The day before we had driven nearly 8 hours around the southern rim of Iceland’s
The day before we had driven nearly 8 hours around the southern rim of Iceland’s coast. The popular tourist stops did absolutely nothing to draw us in, leading us to take the roads less traveled, and more importantly, broken in and cleared of the jagged volcanic rocks that almost cost us these shots! Sunrise was just a few hours away and we didn’t time dinner correctly the night before. Luckily we found a small hotel on a farm on the side of the road that had some leftover mushroom soup and salad we were so thankful to get a bowl and plate of since everything had closed for the night. So at 4:30 in the morning we woke up hungry, the cold morning air and the faint glow of sunrise behind the hills and the anticipation of shooting at these flooded farmers field under Vesturhorn mountain had us up and out the door... but the flat tire from the rocks the day before stopped us right in our tracks. Our car rental’s car jack broke through the pavement below and the car rolled back and bent it. Luckily a local came and helped getting us on our way. He wouldn’t take our bottle of wine that we’d offered him, another testament to the Icelandic culture of helping a stranger. @pilotmaria braved the cold air and bone rattlingly freezing water in her white sundress, but in the end it was all worth it... and i hope you agree after seeing the pics we got 📸
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We waited patiently for the couple to finish their photoshoot with what was clea
We waited patiently for the couple to finish their photoshoot with what was clearly a talented photographer. They sat up on the lifeguard tower and had their picture taken and in all honesty it was really sweet to just sit and watch them elope. Maybe it was their anniversary, engagement... or just because... either way it was their time and we were happy to wait. When the Photogrpaher finally had them move on down to the water I had @brittanynlake run up so i could grab some silhouettes and play with the rays of light from the setting sun... then he came... not sooner had she gotten to the top of the sand berm did her jaw drop and she came right back. “I think Aaron Samuels is sitting right there!” 💃🏼 for about ten minutes we went back and forth about her saying she didn’t want to interrupt his sunset... sure enough he was sitting there, hoodie on and making a post to his @instagram about counting your blessings and being grateful... inspiring stuff... the problem is I wanted these photos and this fan girl moment had to end 😂 i finally said “I’m about to walk up and tell this guy “excuse me mr.samuels...” and that’s when she lost it... see i have seen Mean Girls a time or twelve... but like an idiot I forgot that was @jonathandbennett characters name... and very nearly escaped a typical LA moment where I saw a talented actor and called them by a characters name... so... thanks @brittanynlake ... and thank you @jonathandbennett for making her pose just a little extra during this beautiful sunset... I hope your friends photos came out well ☺️ #newportbeach#california#beach#sunset#sonya7iii#zeisslens
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Wandering through the Mammoth Lakes basin we found this little perch overlooking
Wandering through the Mammoth Lakes basin we found this little perch overlooking the Hot Creek basin. When i was growing up you could jump in the river and take a dip but now it was all roped off and inaccessible. We waited and watched as the sun set lower and lower in the hopes that it would dip below the horizon and light up the cloud layer above us... with her dress on, the temperature dropping and time/light running out we snapped a few pics before it was too late, and here’s one of my favorites. When it comes to editing i tend to naturally like the darker, moody portraits that give off an intimate feel... but one of my biggest self critiques is how grainy the photos become when i do this. I would love to learn how to edit like @brandonwoelfel or someone like that, getting the skin and tones to be smooth, sharp and vibrant... all in good time. If anyone reading this has some tips I’m all ears. Til next time. #lightroom#zeisscameralenses#sonya7riii#mammoth#california#portraitphotography
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If her heart is light, kind and warm, then every hour with her is a golden one.
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