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Prince Of Long Beach (@marcosus)
marcosus12.05.2019 08:23:50

Wiz look like he tryna hide the fact that he was super high 🤣🤣

Branden Hampton (@money)
money12.05.2019 07:23:31

Oh they knew. Look at those smiles 😂

Prince Of Long Beach (@marcosus)
marcosus12.05.2019 08:24:46

Oh, they knew ! Just look at there eyes! Low An droopy 🤣🤷🏽‍♂️

The Leader 🇧🇪 (@_deeder)
_deeder12.05.2019 06:55:48

Y’all niggas was high in those pictures 😂😂😂

chey🍒🍒 (@_theactualvoid_)
_theactualvoid_12.05.2019 06:57:43

wiz look like he tryin so hard to look sober. we all know he faded asf

.. (@khalilsmug)
khalilsmug12.05.2019 07:01:41

Snoop looked like he was gonna be one hell of a lawyer lmao

RONAK PARMAR ❤ (@ronki_lala)
ronki_lala12.05.2019 07:00:11

Mac and Devin 😂😂😂

808c (@the808c)
the808c12.05.2019 07:18:17

Like if you think you able to hop on my recent beat and make a hit

#ARABSEASON 👳💸💯 (@therealahmedthearab)
therealahmedthearab12.05.2019 06:57:44

I got one rolled unc 🔥

Nathanaël Juste (@nathanaeljuste)
nathanaeljuste12.05.2019 07:01:56

We need an oder snoop and wiz movie

Menace (@menaceplayz)
menaceplayz12.05.2019 06:57:47

Pretty sure they knew haha

ransome note (@freddie)
freddie12.05.2019 07:13:03

snoop, you’re my favorite. of all time.

Anakin Flywalker (@boo_radley_)
boo_radley_12.05.2019 06:57:46

Wiz shape up is crisp asf!

MoeBucks👳🏽💰#ARABSEASON (@therealmoebucks)
therealmoebucks12.05.2019 07:12:58


B Davis (@bjusconfident)
bjusconfident12.05.2019 06:58:48

They knew

DJ (@_daren_jr)
_daren_jr12.05.2019 07:01:49

***rappers that smoke weed****

Braden (@braden.sherota)
braden.sherota12.05.2019 06:57:40

Snoops hairline has always been fucked up😂

CLAPTONE (@claptone.official)
claptone.official12.05.2019 07:11:36


Javier Cornejo (@jc.tripp)
jc.tripp12.05.2019 06:58:13

Father and son

Raúl Andrade B. (@raulandradeb)
raulandradeb12.05.2019 07:01:49

Snoop and Wiz💪🏽

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