Times a tricky one...sometimes its too fast, sometimes it’s like standing still.

Right now it’s standing still counting down the days until my next t - Maria  Pettersson👩‍✈️ (@pilotmaria)
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Luana Torres (@pilotluana)
pilotluana08.02.2019 18:35:25

I miss you pictures, Maria!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Irina (@irinahp)
irinahp03.02.2019 16:20:06

Hey there teddy bear

anna_jade (@annajade_nz)
annajade_nz03.02.2019 09:43:44

@pilotmaria  how exciting! I live in NZ and loovveeee to follow you (I am a pilot also but military background). Have an amazing time in our beautiful country 💕

Biff Narzilla (@biffnarzilla)
biffnarzilla02.02.2019 18:18:00

New Sony DSLR hitting the market shortly. Time for a trade-up?

Nick Nikulenkau 🌎 (@_nick.everywhere_)
_nick.everywhere_02.02.2019 08:50:03

Please post photos)

。Michelle。Chu。 (@michutravel)
michutravel31.01.2019 15:34:11

Hope your jet lag is better today 😘 see u soon

𝕰𝖑𝖊𝖓𝖆 𝕻𝖞𝖑𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖔𝖘 (@elenapylarinosmua)
elenapylarinosmua31.01.2019 10:42:16

Love your coat 🧡

Just a Boy with Soft Hair🌵🕶 (@davi.222)
davi.22229.01.2019 19:50:21

Dear Maria,
in one of your stories you showed a bagpack and i was wondering where you got it from.
It would be nice if you could answer me😀

Yağız (@yagiz_935)
yagiz_93527.01.2019 17:32:41

@pilotmaria  Which school of flight did you study? What's her name? PLEASE 🙏🏻🙏🏻THANK YOU

Claudia Parrinello (@claudia_par)
claudia_par26.01.2019 13:00:11

Beautiful ❤️

Jane Millmann (@jmillmann)
jmillmann26.01.2019 09:51:05

Beautiful 🧡

Christian Walter (@christianwalter9091)
christianwalter909126.01.2019 06:47:04

When I take pictures with my camera I can forget time. It’s like a „few seconds holiday“ letting time stood still. 😀

fashion • travel • beauty (@atsunamatsui)
atsunamatsui26.01.2019 06:12:21

Ikr! I’m impatient with my progress but I feel like time goes by too fast

Kuldeep Singh Mahiya (@kuldeepsinghmahiya)
kuldeepsinghmahiya26.01.2019 04:36:09

Beautiful coat

_justlivinit26.01.2019 04:26:43

@pilotmaria  That’s so cool! You’re wearing a Navitimer! Good Taste! 👌🏻

Camille Co (@itscamilleco)
itscamilleco26.01.2019 04:03:03

Love how you edited this photo! So dramatic!

Bruce (@btc_12)
btc_1226.01.2019 00:05:44

Oh look, one of my favorite coats. Love It❣️

N E S H I K A 🖤 (@neshikajumnah)
neshikajumnah25.01.2019 23:45:57

Hey 👋 I was just wondering...is knowing how to swim required to be an airline pilot? I don’t know how to swim (it’s my biggest fear) and I’ve always dreamt of becoming a pilot ♥️

Andy Varley (@andyvarley)
andyvarley25.01.2019 23:15:48


ENAHOLO WORLDWIDE!! 💰🥘💰 (@justinenahoro)
justinenahoro25.01.2019 22:04:17

What are these paid partnerships about and what do they entail

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