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Heidi Klum (@heidiklum)
heidiklum12.04.2019 23:20:42


MALAN BRETON (@malanbreton)
malanbreton12.04.2019 23:40:25


Dorit Kemsley (@doritkemsley)
doritkemsley13.04.2019 00:44:39

Hot! 🔥

Lil' Kim (@lilkimthequeenbee)
lilkimthequeenbee14.04.2019 04:28:43

Hey boo check ur DM’s ❤️

Cypress Hill (@cypresshill)
cypresshill12.04.2019 23:15:48


Claudia Alende (@claudiaalende)
claudiaalende13.04.2019 00:02:45


Vas J Morgan (@vasjmorgan)
vasjmorgan13.04.2019 00:30:56

Yes you are

plotaverse12.04.2019 23:37:14

Gorgeous! ❤️

S A M E T | K Ö Y L Ü ͏͏ꪜ (@_ofcl.samet)
_ofcl.samet13.04.2019 18:39:58

The ferris wheel returned my head. 😛🙃

Literally Iconic (@literally.iconic)
literally.iconic12.04.2019 23:18:15

Those birds are my chaotic self opening ig when i get the notification that u posted something xx

not your typical barbie girl 💖 (@paris2000s)
paris2000s12.04.2019 23:15:31

The outfits !!! Show us please

Dayvid Byrnes (@david5673368)
david567336812.04.2019 23:19:11

No one talks about how paris hilton is just as hot (if not hotter) as she was 20 years ago.

Literally Iconic (@literally.iconic)
literally.iconic12.04.2019 23:15:39

Queen of coachella 💋

Drinks For Gayz 💅🏼 (@drinksforgayz)
drinksforgayz12.04.2019 23:32:25

Invented Coachella 😻💕🌈

romydw12.04.2019 23:24:12

Cant wait to see you babe

Dana Harrison (@dana0nlyzuul)
dana0nlyzuul12.04.2019 23:32:57

Slay it princess Paris 🙌

sophia (@sophianuijens)
sophianuijens12.04.2019 23:27:07

mom 😍

TD (@tdotdom)
tdotdom12.04.2019 23:29:04

Inventor of all music festivals.

Marrabuchi (@marrabuchi)
marrabuchi12.04.2019 23:28:03

❤️❤️❤️💋Blue Paris Paradaise in the world.....

Ruth (@ruthcurvemodel)
ruthcurvemodel12.04.2019 23:22:29


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