Photo by @lucalocatelliphoto | Torano valley’s detritus in Carrara, Italy. The white marble excavation sites of Carrara are located within the imposin - National Geographic (@natgeo)
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Daily Memes (@instantmeme.mp3)
instantmeme.mp313.03.2019 06:20:56

I swear on my whole family i will like this comment (you swore)🤪DONT read my username btw
@yogi.mp4  @haqnii  @bot.r22  @kloutii  .

Andrea Bera (@andreberardi02)
andreberardi0213.03.2019 06:24:08

The thing that the description doesn't say is that the workers are working to find a more ecologically respectful extraction of marble.

Soo Huai Chien 蘇懷謙 (@hcsoo19)
hcsoo1913.03.2019 06:30:59

At the present rate of extraction, how many more years before the mountain is flattened?

Hasan R Kamrul (@hasanrkamrul.official)
hasanrkamrul.official13.03.2019 06:24:58

epic place

Motivation For Living (@motivation_for_living_)
motivation_for_living_13.03.2019 08:34:45

You are doing good National Geographic 👌

Ronaq Behura (@ronaq_behura)
ronaq_behura13.03.2019 08:12:06

How is Marble excavation going to affect the environment??🤔

Abdul Saboor (@abdulxaboor420)
abdulxaboor42013.03.2019 06:21:08

Fabulus 💕

S H A Y A N (@shayxfit)
shayxfit13.03.2019 06:21:04

Reply my comment 😍😍😍

Carol Phillips (@womanseyeview)
womanseyeview13.03.2019 12:16:26

More marble has been removed in the last 30 years than in the last 2,000 😢anthropocene

Alie Rodwell (@alierods)
alierods13.03.2019 07:14:05


Karen Schumacher-Smith (@katsass55)
katsass5513.03.2019 12:14:55

Great art, yes! Counter tops and and tiles. A resounding no!

Paz Clarice Bufete Hilotin (@pazclaricehilotin)
pazclaricehilotin13.03.2019 08:11:34

Wow!! Amazing!!!😳

Mɽ RømẳŋtiC (@aminkochay_writes)
aminkochay_writes13.03.2019 06:21:02

❣ Awesome 🌟

𝗞𝗿𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗻 𝗕𝗼𝘀𝗰𝗶𝗮 ✈️🌎❤️ (@youhadmeatpassportplease)
youhadmeatpassportplease13.03.2019 08:53:41

That’s amazing 😊

keivan (@keyvantavakoli9)
keyvantavakoli913.03.2019 08:32:22


Manuel Amasi (@manuel.amasi)
manuel.amasi13.03.2019 06:50:58


E Susana Bartolomé (@esusana51)
esusana5113.03.2019 15:27:14

Que belleza de foto 👍

Elizabeth (@elizabeth_7930)
elizabeth_793013.03.2019 13:12:49

Hi boo

Прямолинейная душка 🧑 (@lyudmilakarsakova)
lyudmilakarsakova13.03.2019 09:53:44


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