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Albert Palau (@palau_albert)
palau_albert08.01.2019 13:18:15

You make fantastic cars, Maserati is synomymous with luxury and performance at the highest level, Maserati deserves a Strategy at the same level as its history ....
Where are the substitutes of the Gran Turismo / Cabrio? Where is the hybrid or electric technology? Why has Levante V8 taken so long? By when will Maserati be up to the competition in safety systems and autonomius driving? Make 2019 a Challenge👍

Clarisse (@clarisse.s974)
clarisse.s97408.01.2019 13:56:08

@pb2fp__  look! 😍

jahonnnne08.01.2019 13:33:35

Fucking hot car 🚘

Rumeesa Rais (@rumeesarais)
rumeesarais09.01.2019 22:59:01


N (@nirvanawattimena)
nirvanawattimena08.01.2019 16:26:40


Jochem Hubregtse (@jochemhubregtse)
jochemhubregtse12.01.2019 13:13:30

voor pappiii @nikki.hofstede 

Andrea Tarango (@andreaft)
andreaft08.01.2019 14:24:22

@fwiesner95  🤩

Ke (@__kei__kei)
__kei__kei08.01.2019 12:36:11

@emerelda_memia  Lalalalalalal 😭

Benedetta Marini (@_benedetta13_)
_benedetta13_08.01.2019 12:33:52

@sergiodicecco  oppure...

۵ 𝘏𝘢𝘻𝘦𝘭 𝘑. 𝘝𝘦𝘭𝘢𝘻𝘲𝘶𝘦𝘻 ت (@hazel.juliet)
hazel.juliet10.01.2019 11:05:14

fav 🔜😌❤️

Lauren Lynch (@laurenlynchphotos)
laurenlynchphotos10.01.2019 00:00:53


SILVIO MANOLE (@silvio_manole)
silvio_manole09.01.2019 20:47:37

Beautiful ❤️

🇮🇷shiraz🇩🇪 (@solmaz_gh._)
solmaz_gh._08.01.2019 12:57:22


raghad aldulimi (@raghad1aldulimi)
raghad1aldulimi16.01.2019 21:00:19

@its_roca_al_dulimi_  salut🙌

Malika (@mka.g)
mka.g10.01.2019 08:16:39

@akilag  c qd tu ve pr la prd pr moi 😜

E L I A S - A M E D E O©️ (@eliaschristophersen)
eliaschristophersen09.01.2019 21:08:47

@kg.cph  en mulighed 🤔

עידו דהן (@idodahan1)
idodahan109.01.2019 14:52:34

@alin_barami.  הנה הרכב שלך

ωιℓℓιαм ναяgαѕ (@william.dlsv)
william.dlsv09.01.2019 01:53:53

Que mirada @costemartin 

GHASSAN ♏️ (@ghassanalsabti)
ghassanalsabti08.01.2019 15:41:01


TʀʊstNօMaռ ɮʊt Gօɖ -(+!+)- (@emilyrose8926)
emilyrose892618.01.2019 14:27:30


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