Moments like this, nothing else matters 🕊
I often get asked why I’d prefer to be here rather than Australia.. I mean.. look at this place, that’s the - LAUREN BULLEN (@gypsea_lust)
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JACK MORRIS (@doyoutravel)
doyoutravel11.05.2019 13:31:13

I wanna go back here! 🔥🌴

Tezza (@tezza)
tezza11.05.2019 13:41:26

I am amazed

BEST VACATIONS - Travel (@bestvacations)
bestvacations12.05.2019 08:32:47

You are distracting me from this view 😍

HANNAH & NICK (@saltinourhair)
saltinourhair11.05.2019 13:30:35

A clear answer ♥️

Alice (@icechh)
icechh11.05.2019 14:13:24

I wanna go to Bali soon . May I ask for what’s this hotel?

Estefania Andrade (@estef.andrde)
estef.andrde11.05.2019 14:58:14

What hotel is it ?

Lonne Rijvers ☓ Solon Travel (@solontravel)
solontravel11.05.2019 13:57:08

Wow! Where’s this?

Kir Kookt (@kirkookt)
kirkookt11.05.2019 13:55:58

Wow where is this? 😍

Monika Wilczynska Adventures🌱💕 (@elairecreates)
elairecreates11.05.2019 13:39:13

So dreamy 😍 haven’t been to Bali in years you make me want to go back!

Mabel (@mabel.luo)
mabel.luo11.05.2019 13:39:01

Stunning ❤️

ANGELA ✨ Travel & Fashion (@thesundaychapter)
thesundaychapter11.05.2019 13:38:21

It is an incredible island 🌴

Tommy | Travel Lifestyle (@viajante_mundo)
viajante_mundo11.05.2019 13:37:07

Best infinity pool ever 😍😍

Chen Cohen (@chen.cohen.__)
chen.cohen.__11.05.2019 13:30:48

Paradise 😍😍

ELENA KIREEVA (@helenakireeva)
helenakireeva11.05.2019 13:31:55

Bali is magic 💚🍃 which hotel is that?

Melissa - Travel 🌎🌍🌏 (@melissa)
melissa11.05.2019 15:04:50

What a spot!!! 🔥

Eva (@evaburkowsky)
evaburkowsky11.05.2019 13:56:03

Gorgeous 😍

Junianto, Andre. (@andrejunoo)
andrejunoo11.05.2019 13:49:26

awesome place

FASHION | BEAUTY | INSPO 💕 (@kathanova_)
kathanova_11.05.2019 13:38:58


Olivier Zantour (@olivierzantour)
olivierzantour11.05.2019 13:38:46

Amazing photo! Bali is great 😊

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