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ELLIE ⋆ WATSON (@elliebullen)
elliebullen07.04.2019 22:43:59

It’s soo cute

M I M I (@mimielashiry)
mimielashiry07.04.2019 21:58:54

My fave place 🦕

Plant Based Hawaii 🌴 (@earthyandy)
earthyandy07.04.2019 21:09:37

Omg that dress on you!!

Melissa - Travel 🌎🌍🌏 (@melissa)
melissa07.04.2019 21:00:07

IGTV!!! 🙌

le petit yasmine • alice+gaby (@lepetityasmine)
lepetityasmine07.04.2019 19:50:01

Love love love and thank you so much 🙏🏽💕 it’s great seeing you again! Your Moroccan home

Roberta We☽ (@robertaaalexia)
robertaaalexia07.04.2019 19:27:38

What a paradise and your dress is a dream😍

Lisa Matilla (@lisa_on_the_lam)
lisa_on_the_lam07.04.2019 19:11:41

This place is so dreamy! I love every nook and corner you showed us. Thanks for the Inspo!! 👏🏻😍

kc5gf07.04.2019 18:35:48

Super Love it. Thanks for the tour pretty😚

Lita Asmara (@lithars)
lithars07.04.2019 18:33:06

Yesss plssss bring the riad to Bali❤️🙈

MAX&JAN (@maxandjan)
maxandjan07.04.2019 17:57:57

Hope that you find time to visit our store 🤩😍❤️

alexys💛 (@alexysstanwood_)
alexysstanwood_07.04.2019 17:33:55

Everyone’s talking bout her dress but I’m just wondering how did she stick a pop socket to her phone case 😂

Noelene Woo (@noelenewoo)
noelenewoo07.04.2019 17:17:31

Aren’t the Riads in Morocco stunning Forget staying in western hotels 💁🏻‍♀️

jenn 🌞 atlanta influencer (@theshutupkid)
theshutupkid07.04.2019 16:26:52

This is fkn beautiful 😍

Liz Curry (@liz.curry)
liz.curry07.04.2019 15:35:49

LOVED the tour! Made me feel like I was there walking around on the rugs and tiles too ❤️ And your shoots are so dreamy and surreal that it’s nice to follow you around in real time 😂 Please do more!!

le petit yasmine • alice+gaby (@lepetityasmine)
lepetityasmine07.04.2019 15:06:01

AMAZING ! You captured it so well! Thanks for being part of our Yasmine adventure 🙏🏽💕💕💕

bri (@briwright3)
briwright307.04.2019 14:57:51

So beautiful babe 💛

ALOHAH (@alohah_france)
alohah_france07.04.2019 14:57:25

Love your dress 😍

Marina (@marinapalme)
marinapalme07.04.2019 14:49:55

Omg this is sooooo gorgeous! A real vibe and inspo! Love it! 😍🌿🌿🌿

R A H E L - E S T H E R (@itspusch)
itspusch07.04.2019 14:48:19

Beautyyyy 😍😍❤️

evelina  ||  part time tourist (@evelina___)
evelina___07.04.2019 14:48:12

This is so stunning! 😍

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