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thomas bradley meyers (@tbmnt)
tbmnt04.12.2018 05:17:16

Dude. So stoked for this. You had me at spaceship.

mentalben (@mentalben69)
mentalben6904.12.2018 03:02:34

Cannot freakin wait!!!

greyson fletcher (@greyson_fletcher)
greyson_fletcher04.12.2018 02:09:32

That’s so sick! Hope you guys are having fun! Congratulations!

Camden (@thescribblingtree)
thescribblingtree04.12.2018 01:47:23

This looks like it’s going to be so amazing

Ryan Keller (@captaincease)
captaincease04.12.2018 00:35:51

Hey @netflix , you know what to do 👍🏻👍🏻

Matt (@afewsketchymoments)
afewsketchymoments04.12.2018 00:03:35

Blowing my mind as always.

Maryna Cher (@marrryna)
marrryna03.12.2018 23:51:26

This is so awesome! I’ve been watching your progress for the past few months and it’s mind-blowing how much intricate stuff you’ve built. I wanna support this in any way i can — pls let me know how. Good luck!!

🇨🇭Kimou Meyer (@groteskito)
groteskito03.12.2018 23:36:02


Evan Kai Luth (@mystic_looch)
mystic_looch03.12.2018 22:36:42

Fuck yeah, can’t wait to check it out🚀🔮💯🤙🔥

Kai Hansen (@kai__hansen)
kai__hansen03.12.2018 22:21:34

This is so fucking rad

DRONE DUDES® ɪɴ ғʟɪɢʜᴛ ᴄ. 2010 (@dronedudes)
dronedudes03.12.2018 21:51:52

Amazing bro! ❤️

Keith Mitchell (@shipwrightskills)
shipwrightskills03.12.2018 20:46:14

I can’t wait

glensousa (@glensousa)
glensousa03.12.2018 20:23:51

Nice use of the gorillaz intro 👌🏻

beforecommonera03.12.2018 19:48:42

I would def watch the scifi

aaronplevine03.12.2018 19:39:33

Incredible. You guys are amazing. ❤️❤️❤️

🖕🏼 (@keenomachino)
keenomachino03.12.2018 19:39:26

This is insane and so rad, I love the miniature future bong

Adam Burns (@gooncord)
gooncord03.12.2018 19:33:36

You guys are gnarly

Nicholas (@nich_oh_las)
nich_oh_las03.12.2018 19:30:59

@fosterhunting  @mr_illectric  USELESS

Tommy (@tdilger2)
tdilger203.12.2018 19:29:17

Was that a Space bong

Brent Atchley (@brentatchley)
brentatchley03.12.2018 19:14:39

Yes plz!

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