🌎💔🇺🇸 Last week, a bill was signed into law in Georgia that is a near-total ban on abortion. This marks the fourth “heartbeat” law to be passed in the - Emma Watson (@emmawatson)
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Lillian Bleeker (@lilli.joy.ak)
lilli.joy.ak20.08.2019 22:33:06

Sure they can decide what happens to there body but abortion gives the baby no choice about their body. There are other options to support women's health that dont involve killing a child who has no choice in the matter.

Lucía (@lucatalan1)
lucatalan120.08.2019 22:54:26

We're becoming more and more! 💓✊

Frhan Khan (@frhan.khan.378)
frhan.khan.37820.08.2019 23:54:12


Alexandrea ♡ (@tournadoali)
tournadoali21.08.2019 02:12:13


RYU (@lilryu_)
lilryu_21.08.2019 02:32:31

Tu veux m’epouser ?

Melissa W Koller (@melissawkoller)
melissawkoller21.08.2019 03:36:40

I enjoy your movies. However, as you are a British citizen your opinion and voice in American law and states in which you do not reside or own property is irrelevant and unwelcome.

🦋elina🦋 (@elina.j.m2007)
elina.j.m200721.08.2019 07:24:54

be happy always😍🌹❤️

Willi_mdi (@willi_mdi)
willi_mdi21.08.2019 09:10:31

❤️❤️👑👑💎💎just you

escape_25z21.08.2019 09:34:01

ti amo

Shaikh Adil (@iam_adil10)
iam_adil1021.08.2019 10:16:47


Scott O'Connor (@skiveriff_foc)
skiveriff_foc21.08.2019 10:44:12

Kapai 🔥🎩🔥

sk19871125 (@sk19871125)
sk1987112521.08.2019 11:57:43


✈🏝🏕🌏🥳👫❤ (@waanii_bliss)
waanii_bliss21.08.2019 12:28:13


🔵شیخ سمیر🔵 (@_sameer_sk_98)
_sameer_sk_9821.08.2019 12:35:53


🔵شیخ سمیر🔵 (@_sameer_sk_98)
_sameer_sk_9821.08.2019 12:35:56


Aditya Rawat (@aditya_rwt_)
aditya_rwt_21.08.2019 13:07:58

Love you emma😍 from india❤️

Aseem Shaikh (@aseem313)
aseem31321.08.2019 18:49:37


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