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Cameron C Knight 💎 (@styledbycameron)
styledbycameron05.12.2018 21:54:00

@voguearabia  @vogue  PUT HER ON THE COVER!!! NOW!!!!

Breena Guzman (@breenerrr)
breenerrr05.12.2018 22:03:39

Get it Cici !!! We been rockin with you since 06(i was only in 6th grade) You are truly inspirational & show us women to not give up and keep it pushing!🙏

russciarawilson05.12.2018 22:03:41

Get it sis!!! Show out! Meaning of #levelup  great career and family 💖

Brittany Supernal (@brittanysupernal)
brittanysupernal05.12.2018 23:09:41

Yess Ciara is living her best life Im here for it,all the way!

The Wilsons ❤️ (@ciararussellwilsonfanpg)
ciararussellwilsonfanpg05.12.2018 23:48:37

Level Up in every area and aspect!!! Get it fave!!! 🙌🏾💃🏾👑😍😍😍

ru__rucyn05.12.2018 22:24:52

Living your best life............ Go Ciara shine........ 😍😍😍 #bookedandbusy  #happyandblessed❤️ 

CiaraNow&Forever (@ciaranowforever)
ciaranowforever05.12.2018 22:26:51

Tell them to put u on the COVER @voguearabia 

Ciara (@ciaraslayz)
ciaraslayz05.12.2018 21:57:21


J (@handsomegent14)
handsomegent1406.12.2018 01:07:37

👀 Ain’t nobody told me nothing - where can you get tickets at @ciara  ???

dimples (@mccterr)
mccterr06.12.2018 01:06:31

She's such an great entertainer!! Does not get recognized like she should!! Love ur music and what u stands for👌

letmisi06.12.2018 00:34:01

Well deserved! Enjoy yourself 🙌🏾💃🏽

June Brown (@june.brown.102)
june.brown.10205.12.2018 22:21:27

That room is gorgeous; also have a great show and enjoy your time in Dubai. ❤️

i'm here, so... (@eddie_dude)
eddie_dude05.12.2018 22:01:41

queen tingz!!!!!!❤️

Artist (Arty) 🐼 (@badboiarty)
badboiarty05.12.2018 21:58:44

Congrats Cici ❤️

Poochie Lucci (@itspoochie)
itspoochie05.12.2018 21:54:11

Level up then sis

Tanysha Hall (@tanysha_baee)
tanysha_baee05.12.2018 21:52:21

Yassssss #levelup  cant wait 😍😍

T. L. (@lynne_3000)
lynne_300006.12.2018 00:21:29

Congrats! Keep leveling up Ciara!🙌🙏🙌

ドモ 👽 (@domozillionaire)
domozillionaire05.12.2018 23:47:35

Yesss sis 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽❤️❤️❤️❤️ this makes me happy

chiswitz (@iam_enebaby)
iam_enebaby05.12.2018 21:54:20

I love you 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Shaunee (@shauneepooh560)
shauneepooh56005.12.2018 22:01:29

@richgirl56  thought this was you

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