Arrive with attitude. The All-New #ChevyBlazer RS. - chevrolet (@chevrolet)
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✝️🇵🇹🇨🇦♿️ (@tbz06)
tbz0608.05.2019 14:02:13

Should of built a SS with a V8

Seth Commander (@seth_67)
seth_6708.05.2019 14:09:26

Build an SS with an LT1 and I’ll buy one.

Sami Wasti🇵🇰 (@samiwasti)
samiwasti08.05.2019 14:14:22

trynna get this after my 2019 terrain lease ends. gimme a loyalty discount pls

Aaron Thomas (@aaronthomas77)
aaronthomas7708.05.2019 15:52:47

Meanwhile, Ford is building a Bronco in the true spirit of the original. Do better Chevy.

Andrew (@drew_fall)
drew_fall08.05.2019 15:05:08

Test drove the premier and it's amazing. It's going to be my family car in a couple years. You get so much for the amount you pay.

Brandon baro (@bnasty13)
bnasty1308.05.2019 14:20:08


justheretolook (@justheretolook2017)
justheretolook201708.05.2019 14:46:24

I hate that you can't turn off that stupid shut off feature

Christian Ruiz (@ssix.2)
ssix.208.05.2019 14:06:46

Make the SS

Erik P (@erikstoolbox)
erikstoolbox08.05.2019 18:06:17

Off road? Or is it just a traverse w new name????

ethan sema (@ethan_sema03)
ethan_sema0308.05.2019 15:36:53

Make a real blazer with big tires and fwd and the top can come off nothing beats the old ones😞

Zakaria Nasser 🇸🇾 ~• ZIKO •~ (@ziiko_7)
ziiko_708.05.2019 15:33:07

Who agree with me (impala the best thing chevrolet made ever)

Brian Flannagan (@_flannagan)
_flannagan08.05.2019 14:06:33

Awesome looking car wish it wasn't a crossover though

John Phillips Jr (@jrjohnphillips)
jrjohnphillips08.05.2019 17:19:39

Ridiculous to put the Blazer name on this. SMH

Brian (@pharmbfosho)
pharmbfosho08.05.2019 14:21:05

Looks sweet. The price tag 😬 not so much. #overpriced 

Devon Esau (@box_of_ducks)
box_of_ducks08.05.2019 14:14:53

Is the RS AWD?

sherryhibbard08.05.2019 16:37:12

I love mine!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Tyler Richardson (@trichardson97)
trichardson9708.05.2019 16:56:49

Overpriced as all hell for a car with limited features

Kevin Sullivan (@kevinsullivan14)
kevinsullivan1408.05.2019 16:33:31

should’ve been made to compete with the bronco... don’t know why chevy needs more SUVS

Spookey Wagons🌞 (@kras_toffer)
kras_toffer08.05.2019 16:56:35

Give it selectable 4x4 and the 2.7 4cyl turbo OR the 6.2 supercharged and you’d have my eye. The 3.6 is a snooze fest

Justin (@fantomas0381)
fantomas038108.05.2019 15:37:34

Equinox with a few upgrades to the fascia

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