This. Is. Happening. Get ready for Magic Mike… THE BROADWAY MUSICAL. World premiere at the @EmersonColonial Theatre in Boston this November. Tickets o - Channing Tatum (@channingtatum)
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Lee Jeffries (@lee_jeffries)
lee_jeffries24.01.2019 18:28:20

I hadn’t seen Magic Mike (the movie) until last week. I wanted to see for myself what all the female (and male) commotion was about! Well, you got some moves fella 😳😉 Congrats on the musicals. You and your team must have worked bloody hard to make it all happen 👍🏻

Kevin Nash (@realkevinnash)
realkevinnash25.01.2019 00:05:04

Congratulations Channing!

Adam Rodriguez (@adamrodriguez)
adamrodriguez25.01.2019 18:45:41


Jason Kanner (@jasonsoul1)
jasonsoul131.01.2019 15:48:43

I wanna go! @channingtatum 

Kersha Milward (@kershamilward)
kershamilward30.01.2019 23:05:40

Please say that you’re in London this weekend? 🙌🏾💕🙌🏾💕

p a i g e  e l i z a b e t h (@justmepaiger)
justmepaiger30.01.2019 02:05:58

@sweet_and_tall  we are going.

Fernanda (@mafe0990)
mafe099030.01.2019 05:23:31

@tania_cr12  OMG!

Dave Castillo (@dave_castillo)
dave_castillo24.01.2019 18:22:15

@sdcstunts  and I are waiting for the call. We have been doing abs for two full days now with @arinb.  We are ready for broadway.

S O P H I E  L I N D E R-L E E (@sophielinderlee)
sophielinderlee24.01.2019 18:20:39

Oh my goodness.....I’m ready for when it comes to LONDON 🎼🎤#singoutlinders 

Cndyboss (@cndyboss)
cndyboss29.01.2019 22:14:32

Come to NY🙏🏻🤪 @channingtatum 

Ann Nieves (@ann.nieves.792)
ann.nieves.79230.01.2019 23:44:59

Not no more

Emanuela (@ematuv)
ematuv30.01.2019 19:35:55

@channingtatum  I should have come in London.....🤦🏼‍♀️

You Just Got Hit By Garfield (@garfield_punch)
garfield_punch30.01.2019 04:11:31

Garfield punch!

Andrew Heller (@andrewch1214)
andrewch121430.01.2019 18:44:41


Spencer Paradise (@spencerparadise2024)
spencerparadise202430.01.2019 20:37:32

I'm going to think about this for a few days.

Lollylil (@lillymalinie)
lillymalinie25.01.2019 08:44:12

@emohamad  isnt he your free pass

Mimi 💜💜😘 (@deborah511mimi)
deborah511mimi31.01.2019 00:01:29

I haven’t seen the movie yet but I’m all in for the live performance 💋

Kaylin Mae (@kaymaebug28)
kaymaebug2830.01.2019 19:31:59

I challenge you to help me save lives 🐾🐈🐕 #IChallengeTheStars  #HelpSaveTheVoiceless  #IChallengeYou  @channingtatum  Please help me help them

Manuel Roman (@elcondepatrisio)
elcondepatrisio30.01.2019 15:17:33


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