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Semι Lυnα🌙 (@tinavy_)
tinavy_03.06.2019 16:08:33

WILL YOU EVER STOP PROMOTING THE USE OF FEATHERS IN FASHION? You could have used synthetic ones and spread the message to the world.. support the fight against animal cruelty and exploitation. But you didn’t 👏👏

anoushey khan (@letmeshineak)
letmeshineak03.06.2019 10:03:42

Doesn’t anyone wonder how they got those feathers?

rebecca (@frond_of_you)
frond_of_you02.06.2019 21:20:42

Where do the feathers come from?

Ju Manzoni (@manzonijuju)
manzonijuju03.06.2019 01:41:27


Star Inuit (@starinuit)
starinuit03.06.2019 06:13:59

Wow 😍

A m i r a   Y a m i l e (@amirasaenz_)
amirasaenz_02.06.2019 16:08:42


elisabetta carletti (@elisabetta.carletti)
elisabetta.carletti02.06.2019 23:16:51


AHMAD KOBAYSI (@ahmadkobaysi)
ahmadkobaysi02.06.2019 21:51:19


ArtistIdeaCoachChefFatherLife (@tommy_z_)
tommy_z_02.06.2019 20:22:32


Katja Ristova (@katjaristovafashion)
katjaristovafashion03.06.2019 07:10:47

Absolutely amazing and simply spectacular. Such an exceptional craftsmanship...... stunning perfection in every way or better in every single feather ❤️🌹

FatimaOReis (@fatimaoliveirareis)
fatimaoliveirareis02.06.2019 19:47:05


NASTASIA (@nst_a_)
nst_a_03.06.2019 11:10:25


Fotomakeupart (@fotoevit)
fotoevit03.06.2019 07:42:37

Super futurist elegant

Dea 🦋 (@labelle.dea)
labelle.dea03.06.2019 02:03:30


Jovin Zafra (@jvnzfr96)
jvnzfr9603.06.2019 01:08:35


𝓚𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓢𝓱𝓪𝓰𝓰𝔂 (@shhhhagy)
shhhhagy03.06.2019 00:43:29


Gilda Garza 👩🏼‍🎨 (@gildagarza007)
gildagarza00703.06.2019 08:06:07


#hublot  #sondopsy #insurance (@sondoworld)
sondoworld03.06.2019 03:09:36


S A D I Y A   K H A N (@khansadiya_)
khansadiya_02.06.2019 21:06:39

J ‘adore 🖤🔝🔥

Black Beauty (@da_brightangel)
da_brightangel02.06.2019 20:19:24


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