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moneimitch_04.06.2019 03:12:59

That Tc1 gel is the truth

Salman alotibi (@511salman.alotibi)
511salman.alotibi04.06.2019 03:27:23


Daniel Woodley (@woodywoodley)
woodywoodley04.06.2019 04:24:43

Pops lookin young arms lookin huge

Sizwe Godwin (@sizwegodwin)
sizwegodwin04.06.2019 05:50:49

Always the best when it comes to arms workout 💪 😬

Sebastian Wieser (@sebastian_wieser)
sebastian_wieser04.06.2019 10:07:57


ken pillow (@kenpillow3999)
kenpillow399904.06.2019 10:11:21

Still a beast you are an inspiration much love brotha

Anthony Carlyle (@_merc_)
_merc_04.06.2019 12:46:06

Short bus pump!! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

I’m Just 🅰️Mason (@imjustamason)
imjustamason04.06.2019 16:39:20

You’re a fucking Beast @c.t.ali.fletcher 

Inception Beatz ♛ (@inceptionbeatz)
inceptionbeatz04.06.2019 17:00:24

You a a Legend CT, Respect from Dublin, Ireland 🇮🇪

Elite  One (@elite_tye)
elite_tye04.06.2019 20:19:17


|Sean Boner| (@sean_boner1)
sean_boner104.06.2019 20:55:27

Get fucking massive 😈

Fernando (@frezno76)
frezno7604.06.2019 21:21:19

GOD told that ♥️, “I COMMAND YOU TO GROW”! STAY BLESSED my MAN! 🙌🏼🙏🏼

Pats Bodybuilding Journey💥 (@patricksmall24)
patricksmall2404.06.2019 22:02:16

I see you with the ninja scroll shirt on pops !! @c.t.ali.fletcher  !!!🦍🦍

Nick Cleeve (@therealnickyc123)
therealnickyc12304.06.2019 22:06:40


Jean-Claude Remy (@remj1)
remj106.06.2019 02:13:09

Good shit Unc!! 💪🏾💪🏾

Андрей Хасаян (@andrey_hasayan)
andrey_hasayan06.06.2019 12:47:03


Mareli (@mareli_oficial)
mareli_oficial13.06.2019 09:58:34

I was introduced to @cti.ali.fletcher  while deployed in 2012. I’ve been a fan since. After a health scare, I am back in the gym and watch your videos at 3am before working out. You’re fucking awesome Sir! Keep motivating!!!!

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