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Esther Koch (@crazytiger3)
crazytiger311.03.2019 20:15:18

I once saw a special exhibition on Merian at the Queen's Gallery - such astounding work!

Deborah Furchtgott (@dfurchtgott)
dfurchtgott11.03.2019 16:48:19

For those who are intrigued, there's a beautiful book about Merian, THE GIRL WHO DREW BUTTERFLIES, by Joyce Sidman, from HMH. I'm so thrilled she's finally getting the attention she deserves!

juliawinser11.03.2019 16:50:01

Wow so lovely amazing subjects and style of art!

Acanthus Interiors (@acanthusinteriors)
acanthusinteriors13.03.2019 13:26:58

Very interesting text and beautiful visual ❤️❤️

Rivermont Specialty Baking (@rivermont_specialty_baking)
rivermont_specialty_baking12.03.2019 12:30:42

Fascinating story!!! These women ROCK!!!

Kate Haddon - Founder (@thegirlelement)
thegirlelement12.03.2019 11:51:46

Beautiful - really stunning artworks!

Thelma Escalera (@thelmaescalera)
thelmaescalera12.03.2019 08:20:55

I love it ♥️😍♥️😍

Beth Jarman (@justinthecleaner)
justinthecleaner12.03.2019 07:58:36

Beautiful ❤️

Daniel Cardona (@lapapa_sincatsup)
lapapa_sincatsup12.03.2019 00:09:15

So impeccable ❤️

Veronica Ann Juarez (@veronicaannjuarez)
veronicaannjuarez11.03.2019 20:31:05

My favorite post so far💚💚💚🤗💖🤗

Yvonne ter Beek (@yv0bee)
yv0bee11.03.2019 20:14:59

Her work is so unique! You immediately see it must be hers. Extraordinairy!

maría Fernanda del hoyo alves (@mariafernandadelhoyoalves)
mariafernandadelhoyoalves11.03.2019 20:01:05

Beautiful and perfectly drawings

bundtcake (@bundtcake333)
bundtcake33311.03.2019 19:53:18


Karina Cox (@karinascamino)
karinascamino11.03.2019 18:38:26


Museo de Arte de San Marcos (@museodearteunmsm)
museodearteunmsm11.03.2019 18:33:02

😍 Excellent!! 💐

Barbara Wurtzel (@wurtzelbarbara)
wurtzelbarbara11.03.2019 18:26:53

Such a heroine of mine!

Ophelie_FunnyFace (@ophelie_funnyface)
ophelie_funnyface11.03.2019 18:14:20

Thanks for sharing ! I love it !!

Northstar-Anya (@northstaranya)
northstaranya11.03.2019 17:43:11

Each one is a masterpiece. Beautiful in every way. Pure delight

Leda Chiressi (@leda_cignobianco)
leda_cignobianco11.03.2019 17:42:55


Maggie Corkery (@magcork12)
magcork1211.03.2019 16:30:42

So beautiful

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