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Northstar-Anya (@northstaranya)
northstaranya09.02.2019 13:15:12

Absolutely fantastic. Beautiful

Ling Tsao (@lingtsaok)
lingtsaok09.02.2019 22:50:07

Amazing piece! Happy Lunar New Year ! 🎆

Kathy Henry Christian (@katjcee)
katjcee09.02.2019 18:33:23

Beautiful piece, what an amazing talent!

Diana Powell (@diana.powell.5437)
diana.powell.543709.02.2019 17:05:13

Fine swine wish he was mine!

Waldemar Igor Molina Kirsch (@waldemarigormolina)
waldemarigormolina09.02.2019 12:54:08

Beautiful work

Leda Chiressi (@leda_cignobianco)
leda_cignobianco09.02.2019 12:32:12


Vladislava Rumenova Kalcheva (@vladislavakalcheva)
vladislavakalcheva09.02.2019 12:19:14

According to the germanic folclore, the pig represent the prosperity.

tony_min_freethinker10.02.2019 01:01:06

Happy Year of the Pig.

Caitlin (@caitlindietze)
caitlindietze09.02.2019 14:53:05

@glasshalf_phil  congratulations on ur special year xx @josephbeavers  @peterdevore 

lunehill09.02.2019 16:23:32

Just a little reminder, according to Chinese tradition, in the year of the pig, people whose birth year is pig need to wear something red, which Chinese people believe will protect you and give you good luck in your year. All the best🙏🏻

Nick Brown (@nickbrown108)
nickbrown10809.02.2019 17:29:11

@kathrynnemily  fancy pig.

Jonny Goode (@thatgoodestuff)
thatgoodestuff09.02.2019 14:22:57

@jackheath1  you are

Sassa Papachristopoulou (@sassa.pap)
sassa.pap09.02.2019 15:56:30

Send the Parthenon marbles back to Athens

Nadja Araujo (@nadja_asaraujo)
nadja_asaraujo09.02.2019 15:48:59


rezAzizi (@reza_7015)
reza_701509.02.2019 14:09:24


Bel MacGregor (@belholly)
belholly09.02.2019 12:32:35

@rowan_macgregor  ☺️

Tamsin (@tamsinwandrews)
tamsinwandrews10.02.2019 15:00:45

@debussycat5  wild boar!

Local Tours On Demand - Brazil (@localtoursondemand)
localtoursondemand10.02.2019 04:11:34


Anita Rivas (@citygirlinred)
citygirlinred10.02.2019 03:23:02


tony_min_freethinker10.02.2019 01:00:41


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