‘For as long as I can remember I have suffered from a deep feeling of anxiety which I have tried to express in my art. Without this anxiety and illnes - British Museum (@britishmuseum)
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Cherylbeepee (@cherylbeepee)
cherylbeepee09.01.2019 16:06:24

Pen and ink? Etching?

artguide_official10.01.2019 08:18:24

Wow... So interesting

Danielle (@bipolarbutterflies)
bipolarbutterflies10.01.2019 04:22:30

So inspiring, thank you

Madeleine Masterson (@mmart2016)
mmart201610.01.2019 20:53:38

How illuminating to know this and how reassuring too x

Archillusion Design (@archillusion)
archillusion10.01.2019 12:29:21

Very nice

Chris Tordoff (@christordoff)
christordoff10.01.2019 01:24:33

Saw the exhibition in Tokyo and was astounded!

dogthefanny09.01.2019 21:23:24

When still very young, I loved his work...and Even now after seeing so much contemporary stuff, his work give me shivers...

Lucas Hall (@lucasfhall93)
lucasfhall9309.01.2019 19:44:47

Can’t wait for this. My favourite artist and the exhibition is around my birthday 👌🏻

Heather Andolina (@heatherandolina)
heatherandolina09.01.2019 17:01:19

Very excited about this exhibition!! 😆

Northstar-Anya (@northstaranya)
northstaranya09.01.2019 16:07:50

Incredible. Most interesting. Thank you for input

محمد فاتح (@mohammed_fatih_mohammed)
mohammed_fatih_mohammed09.01.2019 16:06:38

Loved the post and portrait!

hopeful_fool09.01.2019 16:02:52

I'm sure the exhibition will be fantastic! Wish I could go! 🙋

joni (@joniminnka)
joniminnka09.01.2019 18:42:51

@l.overboy  this is u?

jo hill (@hiill)
hiill09.01.2019 18:14:09


Tineke (@tineke0809)
tineke080909.01.2019 18:09:11


Sanaz Soltani (@sanazsolt)
sanazsolt09.01.2019 16:23:43


Pilar (@perez.pilarfernandez)
perez.pilarfernandez22.01.2019 00:28:26


lfox1618.01.2019 22:06:44

Can’t Wait 💜🎨💜

Root (@thisisroot)
thisisroot14.01.2019 22:33:23

Paige (@quillpenny)
quillpenny12.01.2019 14:39:45

@tdisbell  idk is it time for another British museum special exhibition?

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