The most powerful BMW M5 ever built. Just that.
The BMW M5 Competition.
BMW M5 Competition: Fuel consumption in l/100 km (combined): 10.8 - 10.7. C - BMW (@bmw)
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suriya prabha (@suriya5543)
suriya554316.02.2019 15:12:40

Hai ... I liked this car very much.. Is it available in India ?? How much does it cost?? Tell me the color and features of this car

Aj💣 (@its_ajmer_gill)
its_ajmer_gill14.02.2019 13:29:55

Max speed?

um_8858 (@um_8858)
um_885813.02.2019 17:36:46

How much is it a car

Krzysiek Woźniak (@krzychu_3955)
krzychu_395512.02.2019 16:37:43

0-200 km/h??

Stefan Voiculescu (@stefan_voiculescu)
stefan_voiculescu12.02.2019 13:28:04

0-100 km/h?

Ayoub pice (@piceayoub)
piceayoub11.02.2019 23:07:16

How much

Colin➡6teen (@neonblauesschaf)
neonblauesschaf11.02.2019 21:25:11

What's the torque?

wirya_engr11.02.2019 21:22:59

Is there any all new bmw m5 G power ?

Dede Padi (@dedepadi)
dedepadi11.02.2019 20:43:54

when is the M5 CS coming out?

Julius Soetenhorst (@knuffel_rock)
knuffel_rock11.02.2019 20:02:37


Rohan Mudholkar (@rohan77)
rohan7711.02.2019 19:36:15

What the Chassis on the new M5?

Supreme Baking Co. (@supremebakingtt)
supremebakingtt11.02.2019 19:26:05

Wait what da hell issa steptronic transmission ... damn i feel like i went asleep n woke up in da future

follows you (@im_my_own_king_)
im_my_own_king_11.02.2019 18:54:46

What would happen if the electron limiters were removed? How fast would it really go?

Tinos (@tinos_masimba)
tinos_masimba11.02.2019 17:03:46


Andreas Papazoglou (@andreas_pzgl)
andreas_pzgl11.02.2019 16:06:59

Horse power?
amirhassan.bf11.02.2019 16:02:26

How much in dubai?

Yassou Dhambri (@yassoudhambri)
yassoudhambri11.02.2019 15:48:50


Ben (@realgbenga_a)
realgbenga_a11.02.2019 15:30:33

What year is this?

Mikey (@thatcleanafe46)
thatcleanafe4611.02.2019 15:24:51

Manual option?? And is it RWD

Akshith Gottumukula (@akshith24)
akshith2411.02.2019 15:07:35

What's the horsepower on this beast?

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