Designed to be different. BMW Concept iX3.
#BMW #BMWi #iX3 @BMWi - BMW (@bmw)
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DarkSeid (@kwabena_agj)
kwabena_agj11.01.2019 18:21:27

I have loads of questions I need to ask you but doing so in the comments section won't be a good thing, privacy issues, so how do I get to you guys over at BMW. My region doesn't have your full representation yet. Help out...😢

Pushstart the Whip!🏎💨 (@m5_pushstart)
m5_pushstart11.01.2019 13:31:24

Is there going to be an iX4?

born to fly (@joel_john_eliyas)
joel_john_eliyas11.01.2019 05:40:11

When will this enter Indian market.and my favorite car in the world @bmw 

RI_K (@bentley_mb_)
bentley_mb_11.01.2019 04:00:35

When will this enter Japan market?

Mohammad Khatib (@its_a_me_moe)
its_a_me_moe10.01.2019 18:31:03


kazuya (@geist_und_seele)
geist_und_seele10.01.2019 18:12:28

do you have any plans for selling this concept in japan?

SinaDavani (@sinadavani_)
sinadavani_10.01.2019 18:05:55

When is the Gran Coupe 8 series projected to be released? @bmw 

Kostas Mpk (@_kostas_mp)
_kostas_mp10.01.2019 16:57:29

I don't know I don't like its design very much. It will be only electric right?

Auguste Mackintosh (@auggie04)
auggie0410.01.2019 16:31:50

@bmw  are you going to make an electric version for every model in the bmw range?

DarkSeid (@kwabena_agj)
kwabena_agj10.01.2019 15:49:09

Will it be fully autonomous or it'll only have assists that already exist?

rakshan (@rakshan108)
rakshan10810.01.2019 12:41:29

I have the same car but the front got damaged because of an accident how do I fix it

gulsarasyeda (@syeda_habba)
syeda_habba10.01.2019 10:37:42

So is it a concept electric car or it is released

alele.mir10.01.2019 09:19:20

How can I send my own sketch and designs to BMW?

Nguyễn Hoàng Trung (@trung_gundriver)
trung_gundriver10.01.2019 08:26:01

When will this enter EU market?

ᏢᎡᏆNᏟᎬ (@prince_the_lucifer)
prince_the_lucifer10.01.2019 07:43:38

How much it cost ?

rashidkhanov_tolibjon (@rashidkhanov_tolibjon)
rashidkhanov_tolibjon10.01.2019 07:08:59

How much?

praveen nayak (@echo_freak)
echo_freak10.01.2019 06:23:55

@bmw  will it be like the i8? Electric and petrol??

johanan (@x_johanan_x)
x_johanan_x10.01.2019 06:12:57

When will this concept be a reality? @bmw 

Nils (@nilsf.rk)
nilsf.rk10.01.2019 06:10:43

Charging Time? Pretty car 👍☺️

obieogie10.01.2019 05:48:35

0-100 ?

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