On Friday, I had a chance to meet with some inspiring young leaders from around the world who were in Ottawa last week for the Open Government Partner - Barack Obama (@barackobama)
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radhika (@radhikasub)
radhikasub02.06.2019 15:54:42


Marvin Bagley Jr (@coachbagley)
coachbagley02.06.2019 16:17:14

The ENTIRE COUNTRY will throw a party when Trump’s presidency expires!!!!💯 🇺🇸

disco leafy (@supportivedirt)
supportivedirt02.06.2019 15:55:08

we miss you.

Hailey (@_hailey_sayre_)
_hailey_sayre_02.06.2019 15:55:07

We love you

caponedagod02.06.2019 15:59:33

& trump just tweeted about calling Meghan Markle “nasty” smh look at the difference in leadership

TravelNut (@lam8641)
lam864102.06.2019 15:57:06

My dear POTUS44, you opened everyone’s eyes during your presidency and set the standards for every one to follow💕

🎀Mrs.James💍 (@msprettyblacc1)
msprettyblacc102.06.2019 15:54:55

Thank you Mr. President for everything

Loretta OMalley (@ibleedgreen100)
ibleedgreen10002.06.2019 16:27:47

You aren't the President anymore and yet you're still looking into finding a better world for all of us. Mr Obama, you are a class act and will always be the most positive inspiration this world will ever see!

Gabrielle Russell (@gabriellecr)
gabriellecr02.06.2019 15:57:50

That’s exactly what we need - young people who actually care about the climate and overpopulation. I’m so tired of white haired men making all the decisions when they won’t be around to see what they’ve unleashed.

Meryl Kline (@merylsmarauders)
merylsmarauders02.06.2019 15:56:17

You work so much harder and care so much more than the “acting” POTUS. You are so missed but we love seeing and hearing from you in the public sector!!

dylan 🌪 (@d.juhnk)
d.juhnk02.06.2019 15:54:58

Hey QQ: what to be our president again?

Thais (@thaissalles_)
thaissalles_02.06.2019 15:54:44

My president!

Κennedi👑 (@kennediii.ob)
kennediii.ob02.06.2019 15:54:44

I miss you

Antocrates (@antocrates)
antocrates02.06.2019 15:57:04

You inspire us everyday! Come back Barack! 💯

Bonnie Collins (@bonniec153)
bonniec15302.06.2019 16:24:00

You sir we’re a compassionate,kind, educated leader. You showed respect and support for all people. In comparison to today’s president well there just isn’t any. He represents everything wrong with a leader. May God have mercy on us and remove him from office.

Gabriel (@garcia_1714)
garcia_171402.06.2019 15:54:11

Still our president 💯

حاشر نندوت 🇯🇴 (@hashir_nandoth)
hashir_nandoth02.06.2019 15:54:47

Respect you sir 😍

Mike Kressman (@kools302)
kools30202.06.2019 15:59:33

💯✊🏽Salute President Obama

Daniel Ewert (@trailwandering)
trailwandering02.06.2019 15:58:41

Love that you still work to make the world a better place 👍

Napoleon Leiva (@chili_pepper717)
chili_pepper71702.06.2019 15:56:30

Mr president ; we really miss you !!

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